Hi, New forum member and Player to be

Hi I’m Ando from South Australia, Ive just joined the forums and will purchase the game tomorrow after work, will likely only be an Explorer as I will be crossing over to PS4 upon release.
This game looks as though it will be awesome once the end product is realised, and I hope the backing from Sony helps to achieve that.
I come over as an experienced minecraft player, map builder (youtube MrAndos8) and server host who is looking for something new, my opinion is this looks like a cooler, polished and heavily modded version of minecraft, (don’t burn me I know its not a clone) I just love some of the fresh ideas the devs and also the community have put in, for me the beacons and persistent worlds are the drawcard.
I hope to get to know some of you guys better over time, and I hope I can make an impression with some of my building skills, and looking on youtube etc some of you guys are most impressive.
If any of you twitter people want to chat my handle is @8Andos I’m gonna be bored at work all night waiting for knock off so would love a chat lol, Ill most likely drop in here too.
Cheers and I will see you all in-game soon


Wewwww Australia represent! :earth_asia: (@james we need an Aus flag emoticon!)


Sounds like a winner to me

Doesn’t :flag_au: work?

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I’m Australian!!! :smile:


…no -_-

We need this though :wink:

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Hey there ! I’m new too, and kinda lost in the game I must say haha
So, welcome too ! :smile:


Hey @MrAndo!
Welcome to the forum and I’m looking forward to seeing you in-game :smiley:

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Pleasure to be acquainted with you.

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Thank you for the warm welcome guys, see you all soon