Hidden LivingStyle/Combat Complementing Feature for Oort Online

Consist in a hidden knowledge in game, its a reward system for training certain areas ingame, An old topic was created with much less detail in the previous forum: “Topic: Hidden LivingStyle/Combat Feature for Oort Online. | Boundless – Explore, Collaborate, Build, Conquer, Discover.

Now the system is much more complete, detailing skills that you will earn, the achievements necesary to unlock them.

Remember that is a suggestion, If is accepted for the game it will need much balance and changes, but the idea is that any area you may choose it will give you same potential in Combat/Tools/LivingStyle.

So here it ladies and gentlemen, DETERMINATE WICH IS YOUR PREDOMINANT PERSONALITY, GRAB A WAY TO WALK IT AND CONTEMPLATE YOUR GODMODE SKILL, Then tell me if you feel that your skills will match your personality.

Maybe will need another window to expand the image. (Right Click and open in other window, You dont have to download it). Clicking once in the picture after opening will work as well.

here are some examples:
For example:

Simple Personality players, like to do simple stuff, like attack things and explore and enjoy in a simple way.(dramatization), so they will keep doing that for some days, until one day traveling the player starts to realize that he can see a little farther, or his attacks will do a little bit more damage. He can hear his enemies from a long distance and recognize where they are… so he realize that his sences and body are enhanced. So he starts training his punch or his kick maybe and then after a time of training he suddenly starts punching down some threes in one hit, or making fear on his enemies making them want to fight him from a farther position. His body and sences are Enhanced.

Another Example:
Huggy Is a creative player, Huggy likes to keep a lots of materials with him all the time, and even in that way he is always lacking blocks for construction. One day after some time of great creations, he discover a new icon that in exchange for some of his block power (Or other simply use power) he can create his favorite material block, or his favorite tool, or maybe his favorite weapon, So we wont have to going back to get more material any time he is lacking. He is a conjurer. and with more training on his area and plenty of more time, huggy may archieve to create a little pet to control. And help him with his creative job, or with combat. Also if he feels that beeing creative isnt enough and starts to show some negativity, he may find some day that he is controling some block or some of his creations, or even his pet, he has archieve a secondary personality and now is a controller too.

Always sorry for my crappy english


The idea of progressing skills or abilities by using them is a good one, but may be the gained skills should be lesser special or powerful. Getting stronger arms through punching or having a better gain of mats while building soulds good, but pushing trees away or get a super jump (for example) would be to much. I would love to have tool or weapon style bound specialisations like “Sword swinging” or “picking”. And yeah, there will be a great need of balancing if such a system would ever meet us ingame ;D

PS: May be they don’t have to be hidden :wink:

Im still thinking about it,

I mean being a hidden feature gives the chance to people to get surprised by something they dont know, something new to discover at his/her own.
Also if anyone wanna discover more about the details of the feature they will always forums or pages like Oorthead.com or other like that. Thats my opinion for now but it may be change at good arguments.

Thanks for your reply.


May be you only can see the next step you are working on. When you reach it you get your bonus - yippie! - and then see the next goal. So you still have some kind of surprise, but don’t walk totally in darkness :wink:

As said before the idea is great but using the word “hidden” is quite a strange descriptor for something that is going to be mapped quite quickly and put out on a wiki.

For a feature to actually be “hidden” in an MMORPG it would need to be super rare or non consistent.

Or randomized for each person.

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Progressing an Skill by using it is called “Super Skilling”. Its a big part of a lot of games, mostly of old RPG’s But even new Games had that kind of skilling type. For example, Skyrim. You can only skill things you actually use, but thats not super skilling cause there’s an limit. Super Skilling isn’t limited, that does mean some day you might be abel to one-hit an Titan. Mostly you’ll need weeks to lvl up in tht skills and at some point you can lvl up but will need months until you reach the next lvl.

I guess you mean the same System as in Skyrim but just without have to spend perks, it instantly gets leveld up if you comleted whatever needs to be completed, right?

Well, I guess thats cool and I really would like to have an game with super skilling again. You’ll have your abilities on the first uhm… 50 lvls? And from then you’ll only make everything stronger, or you’ll unlock better versions of Abillities, like an sword skill “Dancing Sword” You spin around for 3 seconds doing 10 damage per second, and the unlockabel skill on lvl 60 will be that your “Dancing Sword” will last for 4 seconds doing 15 dps. And that you can unlock up to 5 ranks in which the last would be 6 seconds of 30 dps or something like that.

After you got all lvls of one skill you can still lvl up to get better basi stats like lvl 1 your swords do 4 basic damage, on lvl 150 (for example your final skill lvl in wich you can unlock an abillity) it will be 125 basic damage.

Now you cant get any more abillities but you still can skill yourself higher to get from 125 basic damage to 200 at lvl 250 and the further you’ll come the less it will go up.
The damage goes from lvl 1-2 from 4-8, from lvl 20-21 from 31-35 and from lvl 250-251 from 200-202

And also you sure need a lot more expiriene to get to the next level. So it will take much longer. In that case you might get strong enough to beat an titan alone but thats not rare, really rare and maybe noone will ever reach that lvl. Also that makes sure noone get’s to OP to fast. I dont say noone gets OP, just that it’ll take a lot of time.

Thats how Super Skilling works basicly. And I for myself would like to have Super Skilling.

Extra Example:
Also you could use Super Skilling as merchant, like ou’ll get every 50 lvl 2% aditional gold for everything, if you sell something to another player, he’ll pay 100 Gold and you’ll get 102 Gold but he still payed only 100 Gold. the 2 Gold came from your skill like Gold that is coming from NPC Quests.

Wow Thanks you guys so much for your repplies, so much motivating.

I miss your personality trail and what would be your favorite final skill, would love to read about that too!!!

I’d love superskilling too. Especially because I hate lvl caps^^

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Dump that thing :smile:

dump as in screw it or bump as in people should notice the thread?

Dump as in notice it! It’s an awesome thread and I did write an damn long text :smiley:

Getting skills or abilities with progress? ++ for that … Getting super skills? – for it, cuz strength of a player should not be measured by the power of his avatar’s skills, but of the skill of the player. Let them be special somehow, but not “super” :wink:

i also talked about this system somewhere, here


something like the first part?

but indeed, i also kinda like this, although there should be some changes, like the calm, just sitting for 2 hours might make sense lore wise,but i dont think its very fun.

jep, right light that. There could be may be 5 to 10 abillities, bonuses or skills you can gain per group of weapon, tool (and also some for special equipment kind, like stealth cloaks or jumping shoes). That would be realy cool to get the bonuses over time and not instant. But there is one thing to stay in mind: Don’t let it be to much skills, so that we don’t have to use the whole keayboard for playing (like WoW) or limit the use by slots we can use for skills (Like TSW, GW, Wildstar or SotA). Getting passive or automatic bonuses along the way should also be a good reward :wink:

It’s only called super skilling. It doesn’t mean that someone is getting overpowered because he gets “Super Skills”.

Du bist doch deutsch: Q Tips sind auch weder Kühe noch sind es Tipps für irgendwas, dennoch werden sie nun mal so genannt. Oder auch einfach Wattestäbchen ^^

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i think we should have limits on the amount of skills on the hotbar at any given time, much more tactics and not just spamming all of your different skills, have a looooong topic about that too, but i dont think oort would work well with needing to use your entire keyboard as you said.

also i think i have the general idea about superskilling, but can you find a site or wiki page that talks about it? because searching for it i dont get anything, so i think it has a different name.

I was talking about that, wasnt that clear?! Also I said that you will only upgrade that skills every 20-50 lvls depending on how many skills there are. You wont gain more after 3-6 skills they will only grow stronger. And also not much stronger but still.

I don’t know where to find an article about that either. not much “known” Games depend on Superskilling so I guess noone did see the need of bringing up an Article about it.
But I covers the base of that Skill System.

how do you know its called superskilling then? a guess? or is that just what you call it yourself?