Hidden Post

So, I got a message today saying one of my posts was flagged and hidden as a result…

So, I’m confused.

Maybe a bunch of people who didn’t/don’t agree with you flagged it?

Lol I got the same and mine wasn’t bad in any way as well

Actually same person responded too. Interesting

Well unless there’s a bug with the new forum format/whatever else that got changed by uhhh whoever owns the forums can’t remember the company name. It take multiple people flagging a post for that to happen. But as I don’t know what new features there are on this update to the forums couldn’t say if something that got changed to make it so less people have to flag a post.

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Well it was a small forum…I think it only takes one now

My reply to that was flagged too, it’s also why I wrote somewhere last night that the flagging thing is getting out of hand…


I think people are abusing their flagging power. It’s happening way too often now on posts that are nowhere near offensive.


Yep, that’s what I’ve been noticing. Funny thing is my post was flagged as being off-topic, which it kinda was, but there are more posts in the same thread talking about the same thing or other off-topic things and only one other, Gina’s post, was also flagged, but not all the others, boggles the mind!

Troll flaggers. A whole new breed of troll.


Hopefully James or one of the other Devs or Mods will see this thread and address that

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Scrolling through the original topic @ginabean your post is still visible there as far as I can see, just Aenea’s that has been hidden. Although even then I’ve no idea why, she is merely stating her opinion and not in any kind of offensive terms… Strange for people to flag.
Surely that option is for offensive posts or inappropriate content, not just cause you disagree!


I’ve seen several posts that were people just having a normal conversation get flagged, weren’t off topic. Don’t let the trolls win.

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They restored it…to be honest the post wasn’t important and no one is less informed because it’s seen or not, but I would think the option to flag a post should be saved for actual offenses. Not just a difference of opinion.


It is my understanding that the new forum software will hide posts faster based on the “trust” level of the player flagging the post. The flagged posts are reviewed (probably by the developers) and if they do not agree with the flag, then the post can be restored and the player that flagged it can have their trust level lowered.

So with no more data than this I am imagining that if 3 high trust players flag a post then it is hidden, but it would take 10 moderate trust players to hide a post. I think trust is based on how often the player’s own posts have been flagged appropriately and how often they have flagged other player’s posts appropriately.

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James also said if people abuse it they will lose it so we should see the flags slow down soon im guessing


I had a post flagged for saying suck it up buttercup. Lol. But then it was put back because it was determined that who ever flagged it was a Nancy pants. Hahahaha. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: JK. Lets see if this gets flagged.


Yet mine is still hidden… Oddness, ah well…

Yep. I would think if a player is abusing it then they will lose “trust” and not have the same affect. However, if they are really flagging items that are off topic, then they could see their trust level rise. Off topic is a hard one to say right or wrong sometimes. Threads can drift sometimes, but maybe we need to be better about starting a new post instead of taking a post off topic? Not sure.

Now name calling or calling out other players that violates the CoC, maybe those will be hidden faster with the new setup.

That’s the thing my hidden post was flagged as being off-topic even tho there are more posts about the same off-topic ehh topic which are still visible and never flagged!

It’s why I think it’s either someone super sensitive or someone who is randomly trying to troll people since it’s not just happening with my posts, others have had it happen in ohter threads as well…