Hipo's Block/Tool Wishlist-Thing

Thought I may as well throw it in here. Nothing too out there, but things that would be nice to have for consistency or utility.

  • Buckets for picking up, moving, and replacing liquid source blocks
  • Wood, better-in-some-way metal buckets when metals are implemented
  • Right-click to pick up a source block, left-click to place
  • Recipe: 4x [Material] Wall + 1x [Material] Slab (Square bucket with a bottom)
  • Clay Brick slab/wall blocks
  • Consistency!
  • Ladders
  • Recipe: 4x Sticks (One on either side, two rungs per block)
  • Lamp slab/wall blocks
  • Pretty streetlamps!
  • Moar flower variants!
  • Gardens!
  • Forests filled with wildflowers for screenarchery!

Edit: By popular demand;

  • Fences!
  • Keep those pesky vermin out of your damn yard!
  • Prevent players from falling to their deaths without obscuring their view!
  • Scaffolding!
  • Precision-jump challenges!

i think ropeladder is mentioned on the site, they have talked about water that they want ti to be more consistant than it is now, so no picking it up with buckets not sure about this one (but maybe we will have a water/lava spawner of sorts?)

other than that i totally agree :smile:

Is screenarchery shooting our computers WITH a bow or shooting our computers FROM a bow?

It’s a more elegant way of saying “screenshotting” or “screenshooting”. IIRC, it was originally used for heavily-modded Skyrim environments, where the “archery” made more sense than “shooting”, but it’s caught on in other areas.

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you should add plank and fence blocks too ;D

yes pls. Fences look good and they make for good details on builds even if you’re not using them as a fence.

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Added fences. I should be a fence salesman or something.

10th like, there you go with your “Nice Toppic” Award!