Hiring again - More precision chiseling

I’ve laid out the blocks for these fields, latticed them, beveled them, and taken off at least 2 of the three arms from each.

Some are randomly already shrunken a size or two or knocked into diamonds.

The end game is to get them all chiseled into tiny diamonds. I’m spending way too much time at rework, either adding back arms of running them through the lattice cycle to big again. I’m looking to hire someone for this.

This is precision work,hitting the diamonds again and again as they shrink. However it doesn’t require precise chisels or the chisel epic. I’ve got chisels if you’ve got time. i’m thinking about 50k per field for 4 fields. I’ve done a couple rows there are approximately 1990 blocks per field.

I’ll be chiseling the outside of the build between mining and factory work, if you want to have a look at the job let me know and I’ll send you the location.

Oh god the chiseling.


At over 25c per block i’m hoping someone is interested at the weekend.

I’ve nearly got the tier 5 chiseling feat on 2 avatars now :rofl:

bump :bomb:

It’s a pity @Alchemist can’t play much for now because it’s the type of things I think she likes to do to make money. @AudreyTT, what about you :stuck_out_tongue: ? Hope you find someone, OP. I can’t help because I am too impatient and I suck with details.

Go ahead and message me I’ll take care of it

I’m already working hard to finish my own farms, I’ll pass :wink:

I could do it Sunday or monday I have my own build to do. But always willing to help. Ask dk lol

@akakillapoe is working on the second field now.

If he decides not to do them all I’ll contact you.

if you still need a hand let me know Nightstar, i could use a small break from my project :stuck_out_tongue:

This job is finished.

Huge thanks to @akakillapoe and @DefectiveDev who both showed up and worked on these today. I’m so glad to have it done.