Hit Box on hanging Berry plants missing


The hit box on the hanging berries is now gone. I have to hit exactly where it’s planted now to harvest it.

I restarted the game and it’s still a problem.


My berries are planted on full blocks, their hitboxes still work as before. PC user if it matters (shouldnt though)


I really hope I don’t have to unchisel them all, I like how easy it is to plant them this way. I’ll wait and see if they’re going to fix it!


Do those foliage blocks have slopes on them? I’ve been testing this on normal blocks until I looked at the screenshot again, so I just want some confirmation.


I have the same issue. I harvested two 400 plant starberry fields where the berries are planted on chisled/sloped foliage. If you do not hit them exactly right then you hit someplace else or knock out the foliage on the block behind or hit nothing. Added a great deal of time to harvesting since I had to replace a lot of foliage that got knocked out and be much more precise when harvesting.

I had no issues before the last release. This was my first harvest since the release.

Is there more data I can provide?


Yes, all the foliage blocks are slope chiseled. And this is affecting all 3 types of berries also.


This was broken by the changes made for the new lattice shapes (the hitbox generation uses the sloped-shape geometry as part of the calculations, and the format of that data changed as part of supporting the new lattice shapes so became broken)

will be fixed in the next patch.