Holding for Mass Crafting

Something that came up in a chat was holding the craft (in the crafting menu) to fill the crafting queue

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You could use an auto clicker. However, if you are on the ps4 that isn’t an option.

The issue with that is it can result in bad things happening to your accounts for some multiplayer games and some view such software as on the cheaty side.

Granted some mice have that ability.

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I tried to get a dev response about this, but to no success.

This should probably be a no-brainer and simple enough to implement.

I’m not sure I understand what is being suggested.

To que your manufacturing of items. Currently you have to ckick 30 times to max out the que which is time consuming and tiring, especially if you are mass producing a product.

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Oh. That makes sense. I approve.

A slider bar would be even better, so you could just select anywhere between 1-30 and then hit craft!