Home Beacon set to Guild or ALTs Beacon

Please give people the ability to set a guild beacon as their “home.” In some cases it is nicer to have this feature because you might not have your own build and it isn’t always feasible to just have a single plot near your actual guild home.

It has been mentioned before and I would like to bring it up again - the ability to set ALT characters home beacon to another ALT or MAIN character’s beacon. It you have many ALTs it kind of sucks having to have a single home beacon just so you can warp home.

All this said another way - Home is where the heart is and in Boundless your heart might be where another person owns that plot.


Beautiful, you brought a tear to my eye.

I totally support this. I want my alts to share home, also for skill page changing

YES pleeeaaaase! Didn’t think it through when I destroyed my home base to start over and had to fabricate temp home bases for all my alts. I’ve been telling people I have been living out of cardboard boxes as a joke but it does feel that way :smiley:


What @Mittekemuis isn’t telling people is that her cardboard house looks like the below picture. She is starting a whole line that she plans to sell as blueprints in the game.


Hahaha it’s more like




I am bumping this again in hopes we can get enough support from the community to get the developers to understand that the time invested in making this option happen would greatly be appreciated by us all.

So if people can give some support maybe we can get it prioritized into the next update.


I desperately need this