Horror Marketplace Contest

Hey everyone, Skulldagger here, I am hosting a contest on my sovereign world, this theme is going to be tim burton/gothic, so everyone is welcome to join the contest on Skulldagger’s Realm from the TNT HUB, if you have questions, PM Skulldagger on boundless or on discord, Thanks for your time!!

I have set up rules and the prizes are displayed on my world and there is no time limite on this contest until all plots are taken so I want everyone to be very creative and take your time on this contest :smiley:
1st place is an umbris slingbow and an atlas
2nd place is a diamond slingbow and an atlas
3rd place is a sapphire slingbow and an atlas
4th place is a ruby slingbow and an atlas
other players who joined will receive some halloween items, an atlas of my world and a gleam totem


Who Tim Burton? Boop

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Yep, if you have a tim burton favorite movie, you can design your shop :smiley:

Tim burton is a director, Edward scissor hands, Nightmare before christmas, etc

One of my fave songs:

Seems like a big ask for such a small prize…

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sorry this is my first contest i want to try out


I love the idea, so if i get some inspiration im sure ill still make somethig…

Im now currently listening to That’s This on repeat on spotify…

Tim likes to use a lot of curves though…

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awesome, i have 8 plots available if you want to enter the contest