HOST needs a little help

so I mastered forging up to tier 6 both durability and speed

yet I want to get into tier 7 forging for my own personal use, i can’t keep spending coins in-game for T7 tools at some point I run out, and in real-time takes away my in-game hardcore grinding!
so I need someone whos able to ‘‘teach’’ me their tier 7 Sapphire hammers with max speed and the use of a mega strength brew
I want to know your way so it can be as expensive with forge ingredients as you want that I don’t care about, I just want to forge them speed T7 and have that less of a worry

I was never interested in forging but since most forgers quit, I kinda got forced to be self-taught (thanks to the creative world right), and those I do know (i love you)
but all that buying adds up and going to cause me trouble overtime

hope anyone is able to help me thanks in advance!

feel free to contact me on discord HOST#0001 (caps)


I was told T7 hammers don’t exist ?!?!?!
+310 damage still needs a strength brew. Tested that myself.

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I assume hes talking about lucent forging.

Gem ones reguire strenght brew For sure.

Maybe @Turrican2006 can help?

Yeah, must be the lucent ones. 10 flexibility on lucent tools is hard to forge.

The way I have done it is by stacking vigor and stability.

Good Morning
Host the title is misspelled it must be called

HOST needs some coins :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Are you happy using strength brews?

If so, sapphire with level 9 speed and level 9 damage is all you need.

What’s in your deck currently? Probably already have close to the ideal deck.

Here’s @wakeNbake 's technique:

Edit: you will need to use a strength brew with this… if you want to use speed brews then you’ll have to mess with trying to get day/night quirks on diamond hammers (not worth it imho)

iirc you often don’t need to forge the highest speed boon to hit the speed cap, but then i usually forge for durability instead so that’s outside of my expertise.

ugg! I never got around to giving the video a thumbnail ><


Thank god, when I saw the title, I was like “cr@p, is he in the hospital and needs help paying medical bills or something”. That’s pretty much the first thing that came to mind. :sweat_smile:

Good luck with forging, bro.

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This is what I follow sometimes I tweak it a little

yeah i mean with mega strength brew just maxed speed.

nope, not lucent forging haha (sapphire).

nope not lucent :slight_smile:

I tried that too, yet not worth it for me

haha good morning bro! Nah coins are overrated, I rather have materials over coins ^^

level 9 speed or 10 speed I notice the difference! it is low, but it’s there…
it doesn’t really matter what’s in my deck, I want a T7 hammer forger that makes T7 speed hammers to show me how they do it, the method, the from starting steps to the end steps so to say.

I followed that video to get me a rough idea, but maxing it on speed seems to be pure luck-based…
awesome forge tutorial tho!


Most is the maxxed stats tend to be a bit of luck an RNG sadly and will always trend to be that way

I think the secret how to do it will never be told !

Having forging secrets is not a bad thing though :zipper_mouth_face:

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I have a set way I forge now that I compiled from a few people. Could always use more tips though.

As stated already, the problem is the forger count that goes more and more back

Yes and no. As I get that people want to keep their customers and win the competition over other forgers, it’s a problem that people with knowledge are quitting before they spread the knowledge in any way. Like, has anybody heard something from EZPZ?


I see what you mean. Let’s make a deal @May-L04 when I leave the game I will tell you how to make the best hammers, ok ? :slight_smile:

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May, Apprentice of ye old forge-master. :rofl:

Sounds good xD

But I like the game too much to leave. I will give you something though. Are you playing the game right now ?

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