Hot bar

Can we get another option for swapping things out in our players hands

Idea is
Pc players press 0-9 to switch things out in our hands 0-4 left hand 5-9 right hand

I dnt play ps4 but I assume something like this can be made

They are set by number 1-8 right now.
I have a few macroed

And ctrl is modifier for left hand, alt for right. Also affects scrollwheel.

Extra tip: switch crafting window tabs with A and D, the tab filter with Z and C. Spacebar acts as a mouse click when hovering a button

I did not know that lol thanks for the info.
Would still like a hot bar for display purposes on the bottom of the screen.

Is this good enough?

You could rebind the slots too so they go from top left to top right instead of a circle.