How are recipes counted - Update: 500 DONE!

I’m not really deep into gem gear or forge ingredients yet, and I’m at 284.

Does anybody know how many there are, or if this is counting single craft as a different recipe from mass?

I imagine single, bulk, and mass are counted separately being as they do have different requirements amount wise. But that’s just my guess.

Made it today!

Basically one crafter feat left for my crafter since I will not probably ever be filling those hand crafting achievements.

For the record a single, bulk, or mass craft of the same item counts as a single recipe crafted. So though the recipes differ in quantity it’s really unique items crafted.

I have yet to do ANY coils, I’ve only done a few types of brew and less than half of the forging ingredients. I have not made any brick mixture that I recall. I’ve not made advanced beacon fuels or some of the holiday items. There are some deco items i haven’t made yet, and I haven’t made most types of augment.

SOOO plenty of recipes to hit this one easily.