How can i record oort online with fraps

Well the title explain every thing…
Also Windows 8.1 … yhea… worst OS ever…

How can i record oort online with fraps???

I don’t think Fraps works with Oort. It used to be quite good software but hasn’t been updated in over 2 years now.

I now use OBS for recording.

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@ardos I’ve been using obs too, but not figured out how to optimize it for YouTube. Got any pointers?

You can’t because Fraps does not get Oort Online to be an Game.

I’m certainly not an expert when it comes to things like that, I just play around until I get something that looks good to me. If it’s just for recording rather than streaming, I’d turn the bitrate up a bit under vide encoding. I currently have it set to 4096kb/s and I get decent enough results.

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thx to all :smiley:

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This helped me out: