How do i acess the worldbulder?


i got the adventures edition on steam and it said it comes whith a world bulder toolkit but i dont know how to acess it.


This should pop up once you click “Play” in steam.

If it’s not showing up, I don’t know why. :sweat_smile:


The next thing I’m waiting for - an updated World Builder Tutorial! I found a few YouTube vids about 3 years old, after studying them I launched WBuilder to find the program had changed dramatically! TIA!

#4 is the start of a guide I wrote a while back that should be pretty accurate with the current version of the world builder—take a look. Should get you through the basics!


I loved the idea of the world builder… I opened it… played around with it for 10min and gave up… not only had I no clue what I was doing, but for some reason I can’t check out what I’ve created anyway (though not knowing what I was doing, it’s probably for the best…) as it doesn’t start the local testing server environment thing. The “DOS” window is basically stuck in the first line and nothing happens.

Thanks for posting this, nevir! (still curious and will look into this…)


Oh…Yes! This makes me very happy! Thank you for sharing this.
Also, I like your writing style @nevir!


I agree with @Attica, your writing style is really good, very enjoyable tutorial. Thank you @nevir!