How do I progress after having built everything I can?

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I can only find basic materials to build with (gold, silver, copper, iron). How do I move on? Do I need to scour other lands on my current planet (could I find other materials) or should I be trying to figure out how to get to another planet?

I’ve leveled up to 20 or so and now it takes forever to level up and I’m not about to grind out levels just to progress. What else is there?

so beyond gold there are 2 main things you can aim for

Titanium, and gems.

Titanium requires silver, iron, and titanium ores to craft.

there are many types of gems to find, each of which is located on a different planet. Each gem affects the tools made out of it seperately.

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So, I’ve got to get to a different planet then?

yes, if you want to mine gems. Gems are not located on starter planets, but rather on all of the ring planets and 2 of the moons.

here is the layout of all the worlds in boundless

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each planet has different terrain, resource distribution, colors of blocks, difficulty of creatures… the game promotes exploration in general, and rewards you justly for exploring if you know what you are looking for., or even if you don’t :wink:

The map helps although it makes the unknown universe quite small and known. Heh, Thanks!

indeed! however, it has been confirmed vaguely that the universe will be much bigger upon the full release. At the moment i believe they are using each planet to test a specific algorithm for resource distribution, biome generation, and overall aesthetic appeal. So look forward to a greatly expanded universe upon realease :smiley:

Right on. I like the sense of progression though for sure.

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So, how do I obtain a Portal Token to another world. I’m only offered tokens for my current world.

You can craft a Warp Crysral in the Workbench and put that crystal into your Totem. After that with the crystalled totem point to a planet, hold mouse button and you will get a location on that planet.

Or use other players portals. :wink:

Ah… cool. They need to call that out somewhere in the objectives. Thanks!


alternatively, you can find the settlements on your starter planet that others have created and use their portals to save some locations if nothing else :slight_smile: this will allow you to warp to those locations in the future and create your own portals if you desire

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Well, in some respects, it kinda sucks to have found a portal to other worlds. In fact, the portal near me actually connects to a system wide portal network. It’s almost pointless for me to undergo the costly experience of creating my own and maintaining it to any degree. If they add an infinite number of planets and make resources more scarce (per area) vs per planet, that could change things a great deal. I’d have a lot more need of creating new portals to new areas and unexplored planets.

Anyway, I’m now short-cutting my way to a new planet and starting to get setup. Thanks!

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