How do you change the Warden of a settlement?

First, what the Warden title mean?

I put down my first beacon with my original character.

I’ve created an alt and now the Warden for my original beacon is the alt.

How did this happen?

Can I change it back to my original character by deleting it and having my original character place it down again?

I don’t know if that’ll change anything because all of the plots associated with this beacon are owned by my original character already.


Warden is whoever has the most prestige in that settlement. Your alt probably has the most prestige in your settlement. If you want another character as warden you need to have more prestige on your main (or transfer your alt’s plots to main)

Being warden allows you to change your settlement’s name

How do I transfer plots?

You cannot. You will need to uplot 1st.

That’s what I thought but venom said I can transfer plots.

Where do I see the prestige?

I’m assuming its on the overview page,but I’m nit sure what the various #'s mean.

Also, how does a character gain prestige, because I use my minds 70% of the time.


All blocks hold a certain prestige value. As you place blocks, chisel them, etc, your beacon/town/settlement will all gain prestige.

When you click on your beacon, you will see the total prestige amount.

At this moment, I don’t think there’s anyway to transfer plots. It has to be done manually.

If you view the Settlements under the Places option and expand the name of your settlement it will show you “Top Contributors”. The top 1 is Warden.

If you want another alt to be warden you have to get the plots over to that character. You can’t just transfer though - you have to unplot on one, then quickly login on the other and replot the same spaces.

Best to make sure no-one is around.

Your stuff won’t despawn in the few minutes it takes; but PLEASE make sure you have replotted everything. Also make sure you have the plots available on the “warden-to-be” BEFORE you start :slight_smile:

really wish the beacons were transferable

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It’s complicated though. What you actually want might be to end up with a single beacon controller. So to transfer the beacon would leave two beacons with the same owner, not a combined beacon. So you’d still have to re-plot?

That said if an Alt has the plots spare to take on, why not have a Transfer Ownership button? I guess it would have to drop all permissions?

So, if a character places a lot more plots, they’d have a higher prestige?

Because my main (miner) has placed 3x the # of plots, manipulated 20x the # of blocks etc, so I just don’t know why my crafting alt has more prestige.

Unless the mass crafting my crafter did gained more prestige then just my miner placing normal blocks.


The devs have made just amateur decisions.

Every player should just own all of his plots no matter which alt bought them.

Its way to cumbersome.

It takes multiple button presses and too much time just to switch characters.

I’ve never played a game with such cumbursome mechanics.

Really makes the game not fun sometimes.

Not necessarily. It’s not the plot itself that gains prestige, it’s what you build in them.

If you have an alt with 100 plots with ten prestige each and another with two plots, but each have 10,000 prestige, the second alt is warden.

Each alt is a separate character. That’s why cosmetics are not account wide. Your alts even give each other footfall.

Unless they have permissions on the plots. Plus some people share their boundless account but use different characters so sharing everything wouldn’t work out very well

Correct. Forgot about the permissions

I’d not want this. My alts are very distinct.

I would like some little Quality of Life improvements to make managing alts easier, though. Like being able to re-assign the beacon, or grouping them for permissions :slight_smile:

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Yea i shouldve clarified you would have to unplot on one character and plot again on the other to transfer plots