How do you find public mines?

I see all these notices for public mine on so and so. How do you find these mines? Coordinates, anything. Thanks

They are on various networks - tnt, Ult, ps, icon, lafamilia etc.

Fortunist was my go to but it is closed atm. So I’d prob go with lafam as my backup? Dunno really tbh I haven’t gone mining since fortunist closed up.

i’ve been to tnt but only to get to serp and mcrib, but haven’t found access to the portals. like how to get to lafamilia?

TNT has portals leading to most other hubs

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In the portal buildings at TNT Serp and Malu I have diamond mine portals - they are off to the right behind you if coming from the direction of Serp. There are others in some of the other buildings, all labeled something like “Paka’s — Mine” :slight_smile:

I have a diamond mine on McRib. It’s connected to Ult,PS, and TNT. I’ll connect it to others if people wanted me to. But as it is now people don’t visit very often. Even tho it’s in one of the best spots(If not best spot) that’s not plot locked by someone.


My public Topaz mine on TNT Hub Galan IA Hunting Mine feel free to use.Have fun and take care :wink:

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Another thing you can do on Malurialakrib is warp to capital then look around you for a white tower. Ports right down to the mine.


If you tell me which one portal it is in the PS network I can change its name for you if you wish if you tell me what name you want.

We already have one diamond mine there owned by a mate of mine that’s named so that its obvious what it is. A second one would be great.

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:sweat_smile: I don’t even remember what it’s named lol. Wanna say it’s TKDN mine but I could be wrong. As for which portal Uhhh no clue. I’ll be able to check both in 6hrs when I get home from work.


thanks. found paka’s but still running around with my head cut off

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if you like i can give you some location tokens to my 1 plot beacons inside various diamond hotspots on malurialakrib if you wish.

Theres no portal to them since its cheaper to spend 100c every few days instead of a full portal, but it can help.

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i’m good. thanks though.

I’ll take those :blush:

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And then suprise when you realize that its a walled mine.

I have a public diamond mine in the basement of the PS Malurialakrib gateway. There’s a portal if you head downstairs labeled [PS] Diamond Forward Camp. Feel free to use it any time! Each elevation of 15, 10, and 5 is just shy of a smart stack worth of diamonds.

False, the lions share is public. It would be more accurate to describe it as a managed mine. There are basically three sections, the first is my base and private mine reserved for friends and guild members, another section has a structure for mining at specific altitudes or for more organized mining tactics, while the last section which is the largest is for looser mining styles. Also just got the lava cleared out of there. :wink:

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I dunno, sounds walled to me.

Just because its public dosent mean it isnt also walled - that literally just means it has a wall of plots around it, which from the sounds of it, it does.



Iconic resource hub at the hunt hive has many mines, maybe 12 or more. Enter iconic portal at gyosha mall. Iconic mall or hunters courtyard.