How do you keep the negagitve damage off aoe tools?


Hi just seeing if it is possible. if it is please tell me how thank you.


Not possible, the AoE Buff comes with a damage debuff.
Overall though, you are still doing more damage per hit.

you can:

  • try and get a damage boon along with the aoe boon to counteract it.
  • use strength brews to counteract the damage debuff.

it’s a bit of a give-and-take relationship.


Hey thanks for the input just didnt know and which gum dose the damage trait fall under ?


the effect gum.


Its really hard to get damage boon on a hammer as effect gum has 3 or 4 boons in its category meaning you have a 25-33% chance of getting the one you want if the chance of getting them is an even chance split


I wonder if Crit effect would work just as well?

I don’t build crit…but on a crit hammer you could up the damage by % equal to the crit value if you max the crit chance, or at least increased it.

I think it is viable depending on the hammer stats.


If crit is at 100% or more, would the tool crit every single time?
That might be a good balance


Yea at 100% you have a 100% chance for critical effect