How do you make multiple atlases for a planet?

Make multiple atlantes for a planet?

Many stacks while mapping a planet and each area activate each atlas…one at a time?


Correct, once you finish mapping the planet you equip the atlases one at a time and “fill” them.


Just to spell it out, for anyone who might benefit from this, while you unlock regions and explore the planet you do NOT need to carry ANY atlases in your inventory. But you can carry 1 to help you find unexplored regions.

After you explore all 50/50 regions, your character will always be able to make 50/50 region atlases for that planet just by activating each atlas on that planet to fill them. You do not have to visit each region again.


Such a sigh of relief. Thank yous.

Yeah you just sit on that planet and “chug atlases” as I think of it