How do you revive another player?

I know how to revive yourself with the brew, but how do I revive a friend who has died? Do you need a brew to revive someone else?

You need to stick a revive augment in your totem

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Oh cool. I haven’t used the totem since that initial time you pick a spawn planet. It uses up the revive augment upon use?

Correct. You can also craft more warp augments and choose landing sites on planets in the sky the same way you did in the beginning from the sanctum

Anyone know how the Revive Brew works?

Also, if you revive a player do they not get an EXP penalty ?

Wait really? It isn’t a ‘Run up to and hold E/Square’ system? Ick, well that frees up 5 skill points off this useless cooldown skill.

The game sure does have a lot of useless skills lol

Nope, you have to put the augment in the totem like you would with a warp augment

Drink the brew, then if you die while that buff is still active, you respawn. Pretty stupid.

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How it in base:

You need a totem, Revive Epic skill and Revive Augment. Look in later Release Notes for some later changes in Revive feature.