How many blocks a world should be high/deep?


I’m just curious how high and deep a world can be or how high and deep you can build stuff in the final worlds. I would like to build stuff like flying cities or Menzoberanzan (Old now ruined City of the Drow (Dark Elves) of the Forgotten Realms (D&D), so having +/-256 would be really great (more may be better). I also like to descent into deep dungeons and having the possibility for deep down biomes (like known in Starbound or Terraria) or even flying ones like plateaus would be also great :wink:

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Yay someone who has read the Dark Elf Trilogy

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äh, nope, but I play d&d since 17 years and had visited Menzoberanzan befor it’s fall in the games ^^ … I also love all games next to p&p about the Realms like Baldur’s Gate (on PC), Icewind Dale or Neverwinter Nights. I even played Eye of the Beholder, Pools of Radience or Pools of Darkness ;D … but that’s a bit off-topic for now.

But for the topic: Menzoberanzan is a great city below the surface with towers and many plateaus, so to build something like that you would need much place into the deeps :wink:

definitely Menzo was friggin huge.
the current worlds have some deep builds, at least on Ulaip server

Ideally it will be an insane depth. Worlds can go as large as 16km x 16km so I don’t see why that cannot be extended to 16km x 16km x 16km for a full x,y,z range.

It’s also a matter of memory on the server. If you have a MC world for example: they are from 0 to 255 high. if you now make it just about a kilometer high (1024 blocks) you would have a data which is four times of the previous size. making it 16km high you would even take the size multiplied by 64. … That would be a problem I think, cause not only that you have to have enough memory on the server, but also you have to get more effective processors cause of the regeneration and other server side work in the worlds like growing of plants or creatures strifing the areas.

there is a long running thread on the Minecraft forums about a 3 dimensional chunk that would allow both height and depth to be as far as length and width (~30,000,000 blocks)

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The Problem will be that the chunks in Oort are not only loaded if you visit them. They will have to be allways loaded because of repairing and co I think. MC stays “small” with its worlds because the chunks are created when you begin to see them as a player. In Oort that may be different. Let’s see if the devs can help us out at this questions … @james??? ^^

OO doesn’t need to have all the chunks in memory at once. On the server we load a region around each player to simulate the surrounding entities. Likewise on the client we only load a region around your own player. (The server can also load additional chunks if it needs to do something special with them.)

We have toyed with the idea of having much deeper worlds. It would be cool. It would make things a quite a bit more complicated. Not just form the perspective of memory, but we’d need a more robust occlusion system. It’s something that sound like it would be simple, but turns out to add complexity particularly if you need to keep the game running efficiently.


That’s nice to know :slight_smile:
Maybe you could include it in a vote at some point and find out how important it would be to people? And then weight it against how much work you guys think it would take.

When we last through about it - I think we concluded that having more worlds was (somehow) a better thing than having deeper worlds - so we went in that direction.


So what’s the plan for depth height at this point? (How many blocks are you planing?)

Cave depth is at a sweet point right now I think, I would love more interesting underground features and biomes. As a solution though… perhaps consider having cave worlds and sky worlds? That way people can build massive underground or flying cities without needing to adjust world height!

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At the moment depth is limited to 256. If there is significant demand for more - we can explore what it’ll take. The campaign starts now…


if you make the wrapped worlds wouldnt it be possible to dig to the cor and start moving upwards on the other side?

but rather than having really deep worldsi would rather have really high worlds. especially because of ‘‘Project Spire’’ that @Nyuudles is making

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The worlds don’t wrap that smartly. Better to think of them as flat - but wrap around when you hit the edge.

Going up or down is basically the same thing. We’d need to store more vertical height.

The 256 limit is really an efficiency limit.

shame. it would be nice to have really big builds like hei s making.

Yep totally agree. But we can only spend the team once per day. This is why I try to encourage the community to campaign for features. If enough voices are asking for the same thing the easier it is to justify working on it (at the expense of something else.)

I’m all for at least 512 block deep worlds. As long as working on that doesn’t slow down the implementing of the other core features. Except if they build up on the height and would have to be changed if you didn’t work on the 512 limit now.

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Just to note, with an extremely tall build, you can gain the same effect of raising the height limit- by lowering the ground closer to bedrock, and perhaps lowering the cloud level as well. The worlds are already really, really tall. The distance from top to bottom is massive. (or at least it feels massive)