How many characters do you have?(poll)

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I have 3. Tho I only really use 1. The other 2 are for ff purpose only so they are low level.


While I was leveling i made 5 but since we have more skill pages i could be fine with 2-3


Have 10, 7 at 50 (seemed a good idea at the time…) but now only use my main, Blaze 'cause 5 skill pages.


I have 7 on my PS4 account, 2 on my Steam account.

Tho honestly on my PS4 the ones I use most is my main, of course, my crafter and lately specific forging alt. Also have a merchant one that can do portals and owns all the shop and market plots, this one has the tax epic of course but I only switch to her when I need a portal opened after setting up the shop plots and such…

I wouldn’t really need my forger one since my crafter can easily forge as well as I’ve done so in the past but got tired of dropping the whole inventory of often needed crafting mats to scoop up all my forging mats and get to forging so I now just switch alts instead.

I had created a dedicated hunter and gatherer once but the new skill pages made them redundant. Also created a farmer alt to be ready for the future tho if more skill pages are added I won’t need it either…


Just one. Partly because of a few of the trophies I’m trying to get, but even if it weren’t for that, I’d prefer to just switch skill pages and be my main all the time.


So im not alone with my 1char playing! Awesome! Welcome to duo


Got 6 that I use actively. Min-max as best as I can :slight_smile:

  • Crafter/forger with multiple pages for tools, food and brews.
  • Hunter
  • Miner (hammer epic guy)
  • Digger (axe & shovel epic guy)
  • Stealth gatherer
  • Builder


I have a tax alt. A portal alt. Gather alts. Hunting alts. I have all kinds of alts. I like to melee hunt a lot solo and people don’t make that an easy thing to do in group hunts because mobs ping pong everywhere.

There’s a practical use for them all. Sure skill pages and what not but the 15min cooldown on them is irritating. Why have it be an inconvenience if you can just switch to an alt and not have it be a problem at all?

If we only had 1 character I’d try to still make do, but we’re creatures of convenience and if entertainment is not convenient then it’s not entertaining. Entertainment is different for everyone.


Really great to see everyone putting votes in!
This is really interesting to see where we end up!
Also im gladly surpriced there is more people like me who play just with 1 char


I’ve never found myself needing to change my skill page more than one time when I’m away from my home beacon. But I don’t try doing more than two different things at a time when away from my beacon. It’s either mining then gathering or hunting then mining. No reason to go back n forth. But I get that every one has their own play style.


i try to single target approach things when playing, and generally speaking I only play in spurts of 15 mins or so anyways so it shouldn’t impact me that much but because I do play in 15 minute spurts, if I need to tag back and forth for whatever reason then the skill page change is just cumbersome. Switch to the other character programmed for the other job I need to do and I can bypass a lot of ‘waiting’.

It’s definitely a playstyle thing for sure. Not a lot of people are going to play in sporadic chunks like I do, but I’m glad I have the ability to play this way. It’s honestly, probably, one of the things that’s kept me around Boundless as long as it has, because of the way the game is designed for specific roles. If we were pigeoned in to one character/role I definitely wouldn’t be able to play as ‘solo’ as I do and if I couldn’t do that then I might not still be around, just because of the time constraints I have with life.

Boundless nails down the ‘Boundless’ aspect pretty well. It’s suitable for all types of play styles, and I’m happy because of that.


Another point about alts is that you can be in several places in the same time. You switch alt and change “profession” and maybe place. (poor crafter always at home!)
Otherwise with exoworlds skillpages are very usefull to save coins.


I have and regularly use 6 alts.

  1. Hunter(50) with skill page 2 (50) as a level 5 brew crafter, portal manager, and builder.

  2. Miner(50) with skill page 2 (40) chicken hunter

  3. Gatherer (50), skill page 2 (30?) salesman

  4. Crafter (48) level 5 food, and everything else up to 4

  5. Crafter/forger (40)

  6. Crafter (30) just to cover anything missing

I regularly use them all daily… switch back and forth to keep machines running.


Mine are crafter/forger, axe/shovel, hammer, slingbower. None of them are 50 yet, and I will likely trim them down to one once I can get a few skill pages going. I also have some guildies who prefer to stick with one character, but they also generally ignore the forums.


Crafter, gatherer, Space Marine.


You mean Space Invader :sunglasses:


I have 2 and had a plans for both, but for some reason ended up just using my original 99.99% of the time.

So I guess that really means I have one


I have 3 but I only play one primarilly. The other two are for crafting/skills that you can’t have all on one skill page for. Like I have a brew crafter as an alt. That’s all he exists for… well that and owning the Fif’s Storage Unit’s are open for business

My other character is a hunter/healer, but my main now has a hunting spec on his third skill page, so probably not going to be hunting with that alt anymore.


I have seven

My main…Crafter/builder




Chef/portal guy