How many Devs of Wonderstruck are working on OO at the moment?

Hey devs :wave:

I’m just curious how many of you are working at Oort online at the moment. On the HP you wrote there are 6, but I don’t know how old that information is. Would be cool to hear of you :wink:

As an extension…
We would also like a tour of the studio and the rigs you are working with!
for me *specifically what kind of system is your primary world builder using? Is it an OP cpu, gpu or ram intensive?

Answered this in another thread.

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The World Builder (WB) will take advantage of multiple cores and needs quite a bit of RAM. (We built the current worlds online with 32 core machines!) The WB will give you faster rebuild updates to the visual previews with more cores.

Additionally the WB needs quite a bit of RAM. Obviously the more cores, the more builders we run in parallel and each requires more RAM.

The WB also blends together 4 different biomes as they transition on the boundaries. This means that the WB simultaneously needs to have all 4 biomes for each chunk generated so it can blend between them.

So for the WB the more cores and more RAM the better.

Btw - this is exactly why the current live worlds don’t generate additional land (but rather a flat world) when you hit the current built limits. The live servers are configured for a totally different workload - namely simulating the world for a large # of players.

[quote=“james, post:5, topic:381”]
The WB will give you faster rebuild updates to the visual previews with more cores.

Additionally the WB needs quite a bit of RAM.[/quote]

Exactly what I was looking for! Waiting for the render of each slight noise change on 7 linked biomes got to be an exercise in frustration.
Which leads me to think… (“Whats that smell?” " Oh that’s just, the still, we’re OK!")
I could make a bunch of distinctly well described biomes and send 'em off to let your 32 core beasts tie them together.
hmm I haven’t fired up the World Builder in a while…

To clarify:

The generator doesn’t generate biomes individually, and then blend them, but generates an immediate blend of the biomes, however the computational cost does increase depending on how many biomes it is blending at any particular point in the world as it does need to sample most of the same things it would anyways if it ‘were’ to do somehow blend biomes after-the-fact.

In addition to the CPU/RAM requirements, the generator does use disk-space for extended cache sizes during larger generation tasks (eg visualising a 32x32 set of chunks in world builder for a final generation preview) which can go up to around 8GiB iirc when generating say a 512x512 set of chunks. To this end, having faster disk read/write speeds helps improve generation time too (eg having an SSD) though is less of a factor when using the world-builder as you cannot generate such large areas at one time.

The generator does not make use of the GPU whatsoever, however having a decent GPU will help with world builder performance for the visualisations as there can be a ‘heck’ of a lot of geometry to render given the unoptimised meshes and lack of LOD (level of detail).