How many hunters use a Focus based build?

Hi hunters! I tried a build Focus based but i didn’t find it very confortable, maybe i missed something, can someone who use this skills share his/her build?

I do! My Hunter is a DPS build with all three epics for focus. Its not necessary but it’s so rediculously fun it’s worth it. I can fire any weapon literally as fast as I can click with HUGE damage. Here’s a copypasta from another thread about my focus Hunter

My Hunter has max vitality, with epic, max power with dmg epic, max slingbow and fist dmg, and carries top shelf fists (one-shot mighty creatures) and a shotty slingbow offhand to get up on the elite wildstocks and three shot em or thin out groups, also carry health bombs. On t6 solo hunts (me going all Texas Ranger by myself) I like to run criticaling pie, mega strength brew, and reviver brew. With that I can beat tier 3 meteors by myself 4 out of 5 times. I get ~30,000 dmg out of each hit with the fist and 40,000 up close with the shotty. Add in the focus epics and I get 52,000dmg per hit with the fist and 70,000dmg with the shotty. You need speed to always stay moving and ‘kite’ the mobs around and dodge attacks.

I don’t run any armor on him, better to spend the points on vitality, dmg, and speed


Thanks for answer, I have some questions:
how many stacks of Focus you accumulate before drink a Focus brew? There is max Cap of Focus you can accumulate? How often you have to drink a Focus brew approx.?
I made a similar build but with some protection, i have to try whithout

I wait until it gets maxed out at level 10 before drinking it, and I drink it every time it gets to level 10 and there’s stuff left to kill still.

Ok, thank you very much

It is all on personal preference. I use a shotgun bow and charge shot with max tank and vitality. No stats on focus epics, I can still hit things for 40k dmg but at a slower rate of fire and I need to be in their face.

Anything beyond a plot away I have to chase down, so it gets quite interesting when you go toe to toe with wildstock. I seldomly die though, but I like to stick around the auto shot focus rage builds when I see them simply because I do not have the range to hit cuttletruck regularly and I can aggro anything coming at them very easily and hopefully prevent them from getting killed as most dont run any tank at all.

Not here. The ongoing brew resource cost in addition to skill cost put me off.

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My problem in the Focus build is the charging time, to obtain a good amount of Focus stacks, make it usefull only in meteorhunt and 15 points to do that for me are too much

Me too, but the very high output damage you can obtain attract me, thinking to a T7 Planet coming soon

I’m fairly well off in game so the cost of all the buffs is affordable for me but would be way too expensive otherwise. I like it for small group (1-5ppl) high tier meteor hunting. It would be worthless on large group hunts. You have to really dish out the damage to get your multiplier up, ~2 waves of a t6 meteor as fast as I can shoot when I’m alone. In groups of 4 up by the time I get my multiplier up we’re already finishing the last wave. But firing a daimond +4 projectile slingbow as fast as I can click (~10hz) and ‘making it rain’ is addicting and awesome.

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I’ve had it on my hunter for a while and while I use it occasionally, it’s situational and really not that powerful. I’m expecting that when the exoplanets come out I will probably respec the points into resistances.

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Finally i gave it a try again, I made 6 meteors(solo) on shedu tier liv 1/2, I obtained 10 stacks of focus only one time, the others times i drinked the brew at 6/8 stacks. The damage was good(even whithout streight brew) but it I’m not a enough good hunter to play that way:sweat_smile: the cool down stress me