How many Networks do WE Need?

I am asking my self how many Networks WE Need in Boundless?

There are a few Network s which are for Low and high Tier .

Whats your thoughts about how many Networks WE Need for Low Tier and how many high Tier Networks do WE Need .

The practical answer is the actual “need” is one.

How many do people want, well seems lots of people want to make their own, realise its a lot of maintenance , everyone’s using TNT then give up. Especially as the Population isn’t exactly expanding currently


None the game was designed without even conceiving of them.


It’s not about need for me. If you want to build one. Build it. If you don’t. Don’t. For me I find doing things I enjoy. Makes me enjoy playing. If PS hub centralised their hub similar to TNT it would still be popular. But I guess we have GTG now and it’s pretty awesome too.


Have to agree, the need may not be 100% there, but if that’s what you want to do, do it. If you find it fun and enjoyable…but I would say, if you do plan on doing it, commit to keeping it running for as long as you can. While I don’t have and have never had this issue I know at least 4 newer players who got attracted to a shiny new hub in the middle of nowhere and when it closed abruptly or the owner just quit they had no idea how to get around or open a new portal.

Not for one second do I think this is something turrican would do as he runs a lot of portals already as well as playing forever, but that’s my one issue with 20 networks all popping up

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Thx @ghandymarshall for Kind words , yes running a high Tier Network (Pharao’s Network )

Just asking all of you and your opinion because if Most say WE Need only one or WE want only this or Something Like that perhaps WE could save resource to use them on exixisting Hubs or whatever.

I ve enough oort to fuel IT for 1,5 years without gooing hunting or buying oort so No worry about fueling .

I do what i Like to do @superman101 thats Not the Problem If i would nt i would Stop playing after a short time.

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TNT is great but I like having another network that doesn’t force traveling to an European server to use. Sometimes those of us playing in the US can’t use TNT if Comcast is having issues. Plus being on a T4 it limits noobs ability to explore the planets early on.


What we really need is to have a central committee of self-appointed grandees to decide where the one network will go and how it will operate. Why stop there? The central committee can also plan how many plinths can buy or sell various items in the game. A series of five-release plans would let us all take a great leap forward to improving the in-game economy and making all players equal. Well, some would be more equal than others but you understand what I’m saying.


Um I agree with a committee for the portals but the economy is kind of a stupid idea. Ok hear me, I am a new player in a realitivly poor state consistently and I think the economy is ok. Real economy/ a good economy will always have the rich and poor to work so the idea to make it equal would probably ruin it and people enjoyment because without the economy the grind is even worse

Weird capitalist propaganda aside…

I think that having at least two networks is a good idea. It means there would be less shock of one goes down for some reason. I also think it’s good to have different styles of hubs since different people play different ways.

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Yeah what you just said sounds like communism. No thank you. If people want to have a network let them. Who cares if there are 50 of them. Sometimes people like the maintenance systems of things. If you can keep it running on your own, great, if not it folds.

Same with selling things. Not saying the economy in this game is perfect but if you price something and it sells then perhaps it was priced correctly, if not then maybe your price is too high (could be because no one wants it too). Great example of that: I ran across some shop stands the other day that still had tools/weapons in it that had prices in the 20-30k range! They had dust all over them. It has been a LONG time since they where going for that overpriced amount (IMO).

But back to the topic at hand, we need as many networks as can sustain themselves. They may be 1, 2 or 10. It is a game and we play it because we like to play it how we want, regardless of what state it is in.

All of this is my opinion and nothing more. No offense meant.


TNT is starting to lag on the high tier some times i cant even connect when going though some planets the stupid loading bar just keeps reloading.

Yeah except it cost coin in the game to open those portals versus opening portals with oort shards, I would believe that if the cost to portal wasn’t so high, they need to move one of the zeros over or stop being so stingy with the coin.

I personally think we can have as many portal hubs as we want. As far as need, I could foresee some issues with sovereigns and the amount of those all in one network and on top of that I am not sure how many portals TNT actually fuels on their own, but if another network or two were around that might could alleviate some of the pressure off of them and who knows much like PS leaving if we have TNT leave (doubt they ever will) we would be left with no network at all.

It is kind of similar to malls … we technically don’t need more than one mall … but I like having multiple malls it gives the shop owners and the buyers choices on where to place a shop and where to shop.

So I for one, would enjoy another network or two. Do we need it? That’s questionable… but if you want to build a portal hub and can support it … do it … it will get used.

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The more the better. Competition breeds creativity.


T5 and up are fully fueled by TNT most of the T1-T4 are hosted… meaning the host pays the oort… (that said all gains like traffic and first floor connections are benefiting the hosts).

To be on topic. I do see the benefits of multiple networks and do agree that an other “loop” network like ps might alleviate some of the restrictions already mentioned above. (Especially since PS is shutting down).

That said “WE” is a strong word especially when “WE” don’t run hubs or networks.
Just saying running a hub can be tedious enough let alone a network.


Good to know. I for one think if anyone can afford it and wants to build a network go for it. I will say the one thing I loved about PS network that I will miss over TNT is their portals to Gleam on each planet. I don’t know how many others used it … but at times these were just nice to have. I would like to see a HUGE network of farms though. Kind of like Elly’s Gleam hub … but for other blocks …

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Im sure to keep it in mind for TNT Lamblis :wink:
Once i can start moving the portals :grin:

If you need any help let me know :slight_smile:

I’m AzureHunter/Redbound in-game … I’ll help any way I can.

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“a good economy will always have the rich and the poor…”


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Maybe should have phrased that better how’s this
I have no idea how to phrase it

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