How many reclaims at once?

How many beacons can I reclaim (not reclaim storage, I know that’s just one at a time)? As I’m tidying up my reject planets, I didn’t want to do anything wrong!

i have currently 71 beacon reclaims

the limit is 250 beacons in total (placed + reclaim)

if this is what you are asking

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OK. :slight_smile: I mean most of the ones I’m reclaiming now don’t have anything, but I don’t want to accidently lose the ‘first’ one which has all my stuff. I’m just getting rid of some of the sovereigns.

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as long as you don’t discard or delete your current reclaim that’s active on your master beacon (1 at a time) you wont have any issues
u can do as many reclaims as you can without losing your other reclaims nor your active reclaim

If you have beacons that have nothing or very little in them, I suggest you delete them instead of reclaiming.

I visited 3 sovereign worlds today, where I only had beacons with world control (and sometime a few other objects) and I simply deleted them (so plots get removed and then you manually break whatever you wanna take with you).
That way I don’t make my beacon list too messy (I have a good dozen beacons reclaimed with plenty stuff in them, that I didn’t fully recovered yet). I found myself exactly where you are, in fear I could remove a beacon with a lot of stuff in it if I am tired or not paying attention enough when clearing my beacon list.

I was going to by it said something about deleting reclaim storage and I baccccccked away :wink:

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I mean delete beacon that is placed in a world.

If you want to remove already reclaimed beacon from your list, you will get a warning message that you will lose stuff if there is any.

But, when you visit a beacon placed and fueled in a world, you can delete it, instead of reclaiming it. That way it’s safe to remove it from your beacon list (it doesn’t have the bag icon), as all the items you had there, you collected manually after deleting the beacon.

Of course it’s kinda good option for beacons that don’t have much in them.