How much coin do you spend weekly? Poll

So las time was about how much coin you had. Now I want to know how much coin do you roughly spend weekly.

  • 0 to 50k
  • 50k to 100k
  • 100k to 300k
  • 300k to 600k
  • 600k to 1mil
  • More than 1mil

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This way I can tell more less how much coin you earn, since you can’t use more than what you have (unles you are @georgegroeg)

Feel free to add any other info that may be useful.


On the average week in boundless I don’t really spend any coin except for warping. Unless I am out of a particular forged tool, then I’ve been known to drop a million in an hour and wipe out the stock for forged tools in a couple of shops.


I spend coins as i get it


I probably spend half a million a week on oort
The rest on mats for my university project

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Yep, that’s my attitude too. Easy come, easy go!

Coins sitting in your pocket are worthless, they are made to be spent.


Probably in the 100k-300k range… mostly on hammers and Oort, but on other tools and building stuff as needed. Might go higher sometimes.