How much do topaz unforge hammers and shovels go for these day?

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Trying to find out prices of unforged topaz hammers and shovels can anyone help?


Lowest I’ve ever seen gem hammers is 1000. Usually 1200 tho.


Wow prices have dropped. Do people buy in mass bulk for forging?


I imagine some people do. But it’s a possibility that they dropped to that price due to lack of sales on them. Gems are pretty abundant nowadays. I mean adv coils at 1090c is extremely low.


Thanks for your input you have been a great help. I only ask because I have about 250 off each laying about that I don’t really need anymore.
Just thought I my sell them.


I’ve seen a few people get lower then 1000. One of those people I believe is at the Organized Mall.


Costs roughly just under 600c a pop when masscrafting the hammers if you value each item as below (which are based on average boundless trade prices):

People selling them for 1k are actually making a decent profit on em, more so if they gather the materials themselves


Thank mate :+1:


The death penalty in the naughty mall sells topaz for 800 or 900. That’s where I buy most of mine.


Does that say to make fresh vital out of adrenal glands? And that they’re worth 2c?


mb, but if you swiched to somthing more common to get fresh vital essence the price would not differ too much