How much for forged blink slingbows?


I’m potentially interested in buying some forged blink slingbows with damage 10 boon and no negative quirks. Other boons are nice but im only interested in the damage one.

I’m curious, if I were to provide the unforged slingbows, how much someone would charge in order to put damage 10 on em and sell em back to me.


I’m interested in the job, but I am not sure about the price yet, I will work on evaluating the cost soon. Maybe with some creative use of trait reduction gum it could be done cheaper…? Idk, its unreliable as heck.

Lemme see what I can come up with


TY! Im more so interested in the cost than anything, but PM me what you come up with and il let ya know!

I figure simply getting one boon to level 10 must be cheaper than getting 3 to level 10


Well yes and no - I suppose you could stack heavy effect gums and reforge away the other two effect traits to isolate the damage and try to get it alone… but its going to be very cost inefficient compared to just boosting the item to the stratosphere and aiming for 3x 10s.


I’ve done some initial work and if we’re talking about going for full level 10 damage but not worrying about anything else, I can currently do that at 75k per bow. I know its steep - and if you find someone who’ll do it for less, that’s fine - but at the moment thats the best I can guesstimate the costs + time making sure to get it right.


That’s what I was afraid of - cheers though for giving an estimate.
Looks like il be sticking to ruby for the foreseeable future.


Does it have to be damage 10? I could probably get a decently good one that’s a bit cheaper.


How high ya talking, and at what price?
It needs to do more damage than a damage 10 ruby slingbow or it aint worth it


I know this sounds super nooby of me… but what’s the damage of a Ruby 10 slingbow?

I’ve got one slingbow up in my shop called “Atelier of Light” in the PS Bittula hub (I think it’s a 1x3 portal on the South Side but I might be wrong about that. Also, it looks like the name of my shop has been taken down as well.) I can’t remember off the top of my head how much I had it selling for, though. The shop looks like you walk out of an alchemists corruption concoction onto the main platform that has glass down into the workshop below with some nice rainbow lighting lol.

I can get back to you tonight after work once I get on with more information if you’d like though!


According to,2,0,0,9,1,5,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,9,0,0,0
Ruby has base damage of 900
Blink has base damage of 950

You would need atleast damage 9 on blink to out dps ruby with damage 10


That is good to know!

I’ll try to get on tonight and see if I can get one to that with my main method. If I can… It’d probably be about 30-40k if the bow was provided. I’m going to see if I can use my usual one and see if it can be done.


As it stands even that is too much for what I would be using them for, but I appreciate the offer regardless.

As it stands I figured the cost of forging Blink with just 1 max tier boon wouldnt be far off the cost of forging a gem bow with 3 max tier boons, but it seems this is not the case - in order to even consider using them I would need to get them for <20k (and even that is a stretch), which is why i specifically titled this thread as “how much” as opposed to “WTB”


Yep, I understand that!

Unfortunately, because of how low the efficiency is, it almost requires certain forging methods which either provides you with less control over the outcome (and more time deconstructing) or jacks the prices up significantly.

If we could select which boons they’d went to, then it’d be real easy lol.


How about 10k? I’ll run a couple trials, and if successful I’ll just trade your unforged sling plus the 10 for the forged one.

Edit: It’ll be a couple more hours, waiting on the slings to craft :sweat_smile:


If you can get atleast damage 9 and no negative quirks (ones that affect damage or action speed) il take it!

If all goes well I might have to order a dosen! ahah


Is this… is this even possible!?


Iirc correctly

  • Exogem tools have an effectiveness of 42%
  • Level 1 Quirk Boon gives 400 base points
  • Level 2 Quirk Boon gives 1000 base points.

In theory you get 800 points from using boon 1 on gem, and 420 points from using level 2 on Exogem tools.

Therefore the cost needed to only get 1 Exogem tool boon to level 10 is roughly twice as much in terms of stability and materials vs getting 1 Gem tool boon to level 10, however because were only getting one boon to 10 as opposed to 3 it ends up being only 2/3 as expensive (when looking at stability and boon material cost)

Obviously more needs to be done to reduce quirks and to account for the extra vigour cost, which is where the extra 33% comes in to equate to a similar cost.

Of corse this is all in theory - bad rng and boon points going into unwanted boons can make it cost more, but even at double the cost of forging + time spent it would probably put it at around 20k if all goes well.


Is forging a weapon possible? Of course! I do it all the time. :joy:
Or are you referring to the price/cost? I gather all my own materials and have an abundance of some, so the cost(to me) isnt as high. I do these things to help other players not to make a profit :wink:

I remember when coils were selling in the 15-30k range, I was selling them 2 for 15k and even then felt bad about it.


I just forged a 9 damage one with 5 dura and 3 effect chance. no quirks or defects. I’ll run it again and keep track of mat cost if I was “buying” the mats but doesn’t seem like will be much more than a standard forged gem bow if you’re providing the bows.


Made 9 damage 2 shotgun and 3 projectile speed. Not counting the times I had to deconstruct because not damage boon it cost 5-6k in mats on the run once got damage. So it’s not super expensive to make in my opinion.