HOW MUCH survival do you guys want in the game?

I gotta say i never really got into survival games as i usually find them extremely tedious and boring. i would like a basic food and thirst system so it makes sense but other than that i hope they dont go too extreme on it, what do you guys think?

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I would like a temperature system too :smiley: So you would need to build a shelter in the night and stuff

I was thinking that different races with different strengths would have different needs and vulnerabilities. For example, the heat-proof lava-world race would need much more significant shelter from snow and rain.

Likewise, I don’t see the aquatic race doing very well when walking on a bridge over a pool of lava.

Something like-

  • Requires Dry
  • Requires Moisture
  • Requires Heat
  • Requires Cold
  • Requires Light
  • Requires Shade
  • Requires Meat
  • Requires Plant
  • Requires Mineral

Different worlds will be more or less suitable for different races from the start, but through building can be made suitable for all. Make sure you build bathing chambers in your lava city, or the fish people won’t have a very nice time there.


so your answer is basically an awful lot

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Kind of, think of it like this: if you’re living on an ideal planet, you won’t really have to bother with survival other than eating a steak now and then. But if you journey to a much more hostile world, you will need more supplies and have to build more specialised cities.

Edit: of course, I wouldn’t intend it to be so extreme that it’s debilitating towards exploration and adventure.

Just for Zouls- a crystal powered robotic race that does not have any survival needs, but cannot heal without consuming resources. Then, when it comes time to venture into a new world, send in a wave of robo-players to colonise for us squishy meatbag-players.

It’s cool, since “magic” is really just supposedly Oort technology, even robots can be spellcasters.

Might this be a satisfying compromise?

i hope they dont make a robot race. it seems kinda… sad.

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Okay maybe not robots, I don’t really see them as a very creative option. But something like that? Can survive in any environment, does not need to eat- or eats very little, but has some downside as well.

i just want to play an RPG. i respect your opinions but i do not share them, as i said i find it tedious and your idea seems to be more like a hell.

Well, there’s a good chance that there won’t be any survival elements, so we’ll just have to see. I don’t think the devs would put something in if all it did was make the game more frustrating.

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the blue bar ingame is a hunger bar. so yeah they want survival ingame, i like the idea of having to eat and drink, that way chefs can actually have a purpose. but i dont want to use all of my time to get the stuff i need to just survive.

I understand what you mean… but consider this: if the majority of players see the game as a sandbox rather than an RPG, and would enjoy collecting resources to survive- then there will be a large surplus of survival related goods.

That means low cost and high availability- which means you don’t have to interact with that part of the game at all, just hunt mobs, get loot and sell it, buy some gear and tools and food and carry on. The point of an economy is that everybody doesn’t have to do everything if they don’t want to.

yeah i think minecraft survival is alright. it just came to mind with all of the games like the forest and savage lands that are popping up.

I would like to have hunger/thirst (first for life reg, second for stamina gain), but it would be good if you don’t have to eat every several minutes,cuz it would be quite annoying. Better would be a system where you get bonuses for eating next to the main effect of survival. I don’t like temperature or other nasty global effects like illnesses, but special needs for the races sound good, if they are only a not to intensive. Monsters should be the main problem of survival in my eyes.

eating only to get buffs usually makes food worthless in most games, i would like a mix of both, those who dont want to go indepth with eating can just walk around with a batchful of apples and eat once every 30 min or 1 hour.

but i agree in not forcing a ton of diseases and incurable poinsons on your character.

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That’s exactly what I ment. I don’t like to die cuz of hunger or thirst, but life should be harder if you don’t eat or drink enough :slight_smile:

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although i really think it would be cool to have temperature play a role, not killing you if you dont have it, but like moving around on an ice world without having ‘‘warm gear’’ would reduce your movement speed with 10% or something, nothing too intrusive.

i like the idea of dying from hunger or atleast getting a pretty nasty debuff. you should have a reason to carry around food, cause in most games chef’s are honestly kinda useless.

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At least it should not be to time intensive. Eating every several minutes can be quite annoying. Stopped life reg and lesser attack power and stamina may be a good middle way :wink:

yeah basically. so you keep an eye on your hunger bar and might go back because you dont have food in your inventory and its kinda impractical. but not like instantly dying, more like ‘‘you are hungry. all of your stats are halved’’ that way you could actually try to hunger out a group of people in a pvp world.