How much would you sell Gleambow Gleam for?


I can make you 16 week beacon fuel.


Deal enjoy your black gleam :smile:
try get more tomorrow


My goal is black gleam


I want that gleam!! Lol


Can anyone hold on to gleam i would like to trade eventually black, red and the dark cerulean for green ones.


I got 9 black this morning along with a few others. Considering drop rates (about 10 gleam in a normal roll from my count) I’d put it at least 2k per block while the event is on, probably 5k after. Remember roadrunner feathers still go for at least 4k and they aren’t even exclusive, and neither do they have such variety. Then there’s the new planets which will surely contain new gleam colors themselves as well as the farming update mentioned above which has been said to unlock new colors. So it would seem we’re starting with hyper rarity, moving on to semi rarity with existing planets, and finally common rarity with farming. May be best to hold your goods til the dust settles.

I'll pay 2k for piece of dark red gleam

I somewhat agree, but also we don’t know how far away the farming update is.

2k might be acceptable now, but if they release news after the event that the farming update is coming in X weeks, noone in their right mind is gonna pay 5k each if they can just wait a few weeks to get it substantially cheaper.


This Baby Cookie can I sell it for adv coils instead of C


What kind of coils are you looking for and in what ratio of gleam to power coils were you thinking?

Also what colors?


I just saw the person dsak selling gleam for 1750 and guy in crypt buying them for 2000 C I live in legendville were adv coils cost 2000 C I was just asking I have Alot of random colours black gleam I only have the most is 50 I was just asking


My fav too! Not selling!! It’s my precious!!


I’ve got a red that is similar now. At work so I’m not sure on the exact color. They are awesome.


Probably Shadow Red. It’s my new favorite. I have a bunch of different reds but it’s definitely my personal favorite. Tho a lot of the reds are really nice.


Sounds right! So many new colors to play with. Makes me look forward to farming even more.


I love it as a lantern too :slight_smile: aww


I made black lanterns. Was hoping it wasn’t as bright.


I ended up with one of those and i love it!
In fact i am willing to trad up to 5 black gleam for the same number of shadow cerulean.