How to check if I can replot

I’d like to replot a gyosha mall shop to my tax epic alt, but I’m afraid somebody has the buffer on. Is there a way to check beforehand if I’ll be able to re-plot or am I supposed to take a leap of faith?

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Your fine to replot if your plot is within Gyosha mall boundaries @majorvex has disabled the protection status in the Gyosha mall, even those that are connected next to you and if they did have protection status on. it won’t have any effect because the plotting rule is that the oldest plots have the priority and because that’s turned off you are fine to plot it :slight_smile:

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I’ve understood that if the oldest plot has it off, the next oldest takes precedence :o

the oldest plots is gyosha mall itself unless they plotted there first which i doubt, but yeah if you are scared of losing i would contact the neighbours communication goes a long way.
good luck

Nope. It’s still the oldest plot’s preference.

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This does not help for the 2 plots in the middle between the gyosha malls road.

Thank you for the clarification!

@scrufola Thanks for the heads up, I’m lucky then since all the plots are next to a road.


We still need an in game way to clearly see whether we loose the plot or not before we unplot it. People shouldn’t have to sit there and pray that they are the oldest plot or that the person beside them didn’t turn on buffers.

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No, we need a way to not loose a plot while transferring ownership or unplotting it.

The buffer should only reserve plots that are free at the time the plot is plotted. if a plot becomes unplotted afterwards, the buffer should not reserve it. It’s the only mechanic where you can “collect” something while offline. Plot something next to a hub, active the buffer, wait 6 month. Whenever something gets freed up your buffer grabs it regardless of if you play or if you’re only kept alive by GC.

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If you run into any problems, please let me know and I will help you :+1:

What @HOST said is correct.

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Decays after 7 days, buffer doesn’t get “reduced aggressiveness” if you don’t visit the beacon.

This is deliberate.

We regularly received complaints from players saying that someone else took expired plots next to them whilst they were offline.

My conclusion was that a player who was already in an area should have a greater say than someone new to the area.


Instead of saying NO… how about agreeing that we need the feature I asked for and then an additional feature to move the game forward more. There is no reason to not have what I am asking for until they put other stuff in.

You know how it takes an hour before you can drop liquids in a plot? Would it at all be possible to use a similar thing where an unplotted plot (not decayed, but actively unplotted) remains wild for (say) an hour before the buffers fight it out and the oldest one claims the space?

Or, same idea different angle- if unplotted plots are immediately reserved by the late / ex owner for the next hour, with the option to remove the “temporary reserve” when deleting the beaconplot / last plot…

Edit- i realise it sounds like I’m asking you, as if you have some magic stick to make it so lol. Meant it more as a hypothetical “would that do what we need”


But this doesn’t work for active players that are trying to trade plots in a city or market. Their beacon didn’t expire, they are trying to move things or trade plots.

Plus there is no warning since we can’t see if the plot will be taken by a neighbor before we unplot it :woman_shrugging:


Sorry, didn’t wanted to come over as offensive. Reading it again it was worded badly.

I’m always for more debug features but I think this would not be useful for the majority of the player base. We are talking about mechanics that aren’t game mechanics, it’s some meta mechanic on top of the game. In my opinion a solution should always be a solution for our characters, not for us players. The reserved zone is something our character in game can’t understand, it’s something the player understands and lets the character act because of it. That breaks immersion and is hard to understand if you don’t make the switch from your char to yourself.

We have a lot of people on the forum that ask for “why is my beacon not in a settlement”. “Normal player” don’t even see the bridging error message on the beacon menu let alone are able to understand or fix it. Because the bridging stuff makes no sense if viewed from in game, it only makes sense from out of game because there are rules on how to build a settlement.

Such a debug menu would be the same. This would be useful for a few people, the majority would still unplot and then notice that it can’t be plotted back.

As a side note, I more than once unplotted the wrong plot because I’m bad at 3D on a 2D screen. If one of these plots weren’t replottable I would’ve been screwed, debug menu or not.

So I don’t understand the use case behind why this is needed. What value is it bringing or why is it helpful?

Personally I would be against a “temp wild” thing because the whole idea from the Buffer patch was to provide coverage of a buffer based on who was first, second, third, etc into an area. The Developers needed a method to help solve “land fights” that didn’t always require their involvement to be the mediator or decision maker. So the time based authoritative solution seems to do it.

I still believe more work definitely needs to be done on the buffer stuff to help those in cities (and plan to bring it up personally). Right now, the first easy answer is to just at least provide tools so people know what would happen to a plot AFTER it was released. Would it go wild, be reserved by another person or what. A simple listing of the authority time in each plot or some other warning or something showing whether the buffers were enforced or not would help greatly. At least the person trying to do stuff could know what would happen. I don’t know how the larger issue is solved yet for existing cites and areas where we can’t talk easily to those that have plots right beside us.

It is ok… thanks for clarifying though. Sometimes it is hard to tell if someone is still for the idea somewhat or completely against it. Personally I don’t like things that break immersion either that much. For me I would hope something could be put on the beacon or another tool to read the plot allowing us to know if buffers were enforced or not. I am not a fan of stuff just in debug since it doesn’t help PS4. In the end since plots are so important we do need a bit more data for people however it needs to happen. I’m for a lot of other ideas as long as the ownership of an area is really based on who came first.

It would still be time based, there would just be a small window for the current buffer holder to reclaim the space to make alt transfer easier. If I understood it correctly.


Senario: if I want to unplot my house on Eresho and trade it to Jimmy we’d have to stand there for an hour and hope the nearby plots don’t overtake it due to seniority? Then hope Jimmy is still in-game to plot it?

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