How to create a biome?!

Hi everyone,

since I’m absolute noob in creating biomes, but somehow I’d like to participate, could one of you make some kind of step by step tutorial? In a way like for the prefabs. Best if you use many many screenshots to explain the individual parameters you use and also their combination effect.

When I remember right, there was once one, which tried to explaid the different noises. Maybe link it in here. But what I am more heading to is “hot to create one nice example biome”. In a way that we can see how you link “world builder brick” to the next… So we see, how each brick shapes the biome on.

Would anyone like to do so? I’m mainly talking to @nevir @alexanderyou @Tobelawe @Squidgy. There is someone else I could mention who has that much understanding of the builder? I think these are the names I basically see next to nice screenshots from the WB.

Would be nice, so I could maybe also participate somewhen :slight_smile:


I still have to get my head around all the new features, etc. then I will make another YouTube tutorial.

The only thing is time… which I don’t have much of at the moment!


I create a biome by just adding noise by noise until it looks cool

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Yeah, I know, this is one way. But I want to understand what is happening. I already tried stuff and played with parameters, but didn’t really understand what is happening. Which parameter infuences which behaviour, since some are not directly visible. Also I am always wondering how to connect my noise or other “bricks” right with my “world generator” or biome- “brick” you know? There are so many connection points to all of those pieces in world builder, but often I really don’t know which to chose, to gain an effect to a detail in the way I want.

Think of caves: you define there sizes and shapes and have to determine in which area of your biome they should appear. All those details I am not aware of, just by trying. Neither do I have the time to be able to try all day long…

You might have even a better feeling for how the noises influence your biomes. I just don’t and also don’t have time to develope this feeling. Though I’d like to participate with ideas. But I just can show my ideas, when I know how to visualize :wink:

So that’s why a step by step creation of 1 or 2 different biome with all it’s flora and fauna and a lot of explanations and screenshots, would be very nice. Maybe @Tobelawe is already working on it? Since I think he and the other devs would love to see more community created prefabs and biomes. I’d definetly participate, but I need a very detailed example to see what parameters can be used how.

Currently, I don’t think we have a plan for an official video. I’m only working at turbulenz for another week and am quite busy. I will bring it up with my colleagues and see if we can make time for a new up to date tutorial however, I don’t think this will happen in the week I’m there. That said, I can definitely put together a video in my own time. I’m pretty sure a forum post is not sufficient. I will probably look into it next weekend.


would be great! Anyhow, until I get a good lesson, I am not able to participate here haha :smiley:

So maybe another one can find time as well. But thanks if you try! :slight_smile:

I’ve been meaning to get into doing worldbuilder stuff, but college has been eating all of my time x.x

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Same boat, no time to write tutorial(s) either :frowning:

I did write this a while back (for the old world builder) - it doesn’t get into detailed biome work though. It covers a basic noise function, and fractal noise (very useful to understand!)

Most of it still applies, I think - but the UI doesn’t match what I say in there

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