How to flow water from beacon to beacon

I want my underground river to flow into my alts plots. I forgot how it works. Boths beacons are aligned to the same guild but I just did that. Dose it take an hour?

It’s not going to flow into a beacon owned by an alt. From my experience anyway.

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I thought there was a way

Same character will but iirc it won’t work on alts. So you’ll have to place a source block where new beacon starts

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Oh that’s a bummer it flows from a door that can be on or off. Just means I have to engineer something to make it look good. Thanks :smiley_cat:

In aligned it won’t work. Controlled (to 1 and same guild) does let liquids flow from beacon to beacon plot to plot. At least it did at most places i had and am/was working on. Keep in mind a fresh plot does have the same rule as a fresh beacon (time until you can place any liquid.

Don’t know if faction control also allows liquid flow from main to faction or faction to faction controlled plots. Haven’t constructed any faction locations as of now.