How to make a guild-only shop?


We have been trying to make a shop which is only available to our guild members. I thought something of this nature would be available with the guild-based permissions. I placed the designated shop in a guild controlled beacon with the assumption I could then grant permissions to guildmates that would allow them to use the shop.

I have tried using locks on shop stands as well as changing the permissions granted to an individual who then tried to buy/sell from the shop stand. From my testing, there was no set of permissions which resulted in !1) people without permissions being unable to buy/sell from the stand and (2) people with permissions being able to buy/sell but (3) not steal from the stand. For a locked shop stand, the only permission which made a difference is the worker permission and then the person was able to take items out of the stand without paying for it. Without worker permission they were unable to access the locked stand. Has anyone found a way to do this?


to be tricky, you could build a guild house, have 1 plot accessable to all guild members so they can open the doors, put shop inside.


Yes, put a lock on the front door that only they can open.


Hmm, where’s the locked guild houses at, probably the most entertaining thing in Boundless is breaking into locked areas!

If only I could leave a calling card inside :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


If it has a lock, user/builder permissions req to interact/use, a plot under the floor, all sides, and one on top…fully blocked in…


Doesn’t matter. There is a trick. :slight_smile:


Trick or exploit?



Ten char


You must teach me your ways Sensei. (asking for a friend)


Po-ta-to, po-tat-o, tom-a-to, to-mat-o, take your pick :wink:


Edited out some info. :wink: I have enjoyed exploring locked areas.


Shhhhhhhhhhhh. Don’t tell


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Trick or not, one of your guildmates eventually will get lazy and leave the door open by mistake. No way to know which one did it either unless you catch them in the act.