How to make a price tag?

A lot posts I see are about economy issues, and I dont just want to go with the flow on how I price my wares. I would like you guys to post the rarest resource on a tier 1 world, the fastest you can accomplish the daily feat that gives you 100 coin, and how much of that rare resource you can gather within the time you finish the daily. Then I’ll compare that to shop prices and adjust from there. Step one in my experiment to fail at marketing I’m sure, but the data would be neat to have.

What about footfall? I rake in over 1000c a day just checking beacons, and that’s nothing compared to some other operations. Also I wouldn’t base prices off of t1 planets, since the undeniable bulk of quality farming is done on the highest tiers. Sure there’s some desirables as far as colors go in blocks and plants, but it’s always best to base cost on the rarest and most in demand item, which right now is road runner feathers, used to craft very desirable forge ingredients, namely boon transmute solvent. I’ve seen feathers going for 7000c apiece (I got 4 today in over two hours in of exploring knocking off every Stout and strong roadrunner on Malurialakrib, they are hard to harvest), and it takes 18 to mass craft 100 solvent, making our favorite pink liquid worth more than 1260c a bottle when accounting for the other ingredients, bringing it to at least 1500. Shimmering orbs and bitter beans are always in demand for forge ingredients as well. So, if you base value per hour on feathers, it’s gonna come out to about 15000 coins per hour, based solely on my one hunt, and a price I have stuck in my head for some reason. Now that I put a little thought into it that actually seems about right. Of course for something like gems you’ll need to factor in the price of a hammer

Item that worth the most on T1 is probably Inky leaf at 20c a piece, you will need to check how much you can harvest doing your daily feat.

On a good spot, I’ll say 150

So 150x20=3000c

The Gyosha Mall has dozens of shops of various focuses that you can price-check against to establish baseline prices.

@Alienfish I buy feathers 5k/ea. and sell my Boon Transmute Solvents at 1250/ea. I never felt like spending more than that on feathers and it’s been pretty stable a price thus far.

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That’s pretty low, I don’t think I would ever sell for less than 6000