How to play on the Testing server?

Hi Dear Boundless Community, Could someone answer me how do i play on the Testing server where the New Universe is already live?

On your steam games list.

Right-click Boundless > Properties > Betas > select ‘testing’ from the drop down.

It’ll do a quick download/update, then when you press ‘Play’ it’ll go straight there.

To revert back to live, select ‘NONE’ on the drop down :slight_smile:


I already tried that but i cant Drop down the Menu, if i click on it Nothing happens :S

close the window and right click properties again. sometimes it bugs out. it does that for me too I always have to go in 2 or 3 times before the drop-down works…

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Oh it Finally worked after the… 10th time or so… Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


Do remember anything on testing could go away in a moments notice.

Testing is only a very tiny sample of the new universe btw - don’t expect a complete experience! There’s only a couple planets total in this universe at all :smiley: