How To Survive Under Water for Project?

So…I am working on an under water project somewhere…secretly on one of the servers, I am sure that once it is done, it will surprise everyone the Devs especially. However, this project is mostly under the water. Going up and down the water constantly is making it such a hard job for me to work on this project. Any help on how do I survive longer under water? Maybe like a temporary code to breath under water for Early Access? I really want to work on this and create something that will amuse everyone!

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No way. You can only build big air bubbles underwater and use it for breathing.

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Diving up and down, or you can break the water physics (which is pretty easy.

if you go to the bottom of the sea and build a full 4x4x4 square, then remove the 2 bottom parts on 1 side and then 3 blocks upwards in the middle, be sure to keep 2 blocks on the outside or it wont work, that will give you a place where you can breathe, i will try to illustrate so gimme a min

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okay, appreciate the help :smiley:

thank you :smiley:

Full block

How to cut it


dont question how it works, the water physics are weird as hell… also if you need to get to the bottom fast the best thing is to get a grappling hook and just hook and unhook on the bottom and you will be able to get down fast.

my project is one a Diameter of 400 blocks…this can work for smaller projects but not a huge one like what i want to make…

this is just to get air between the builds. if you place a block you remove the waterspawn from it, which means that you can literally carve out the water, which is how you would make an underwater base.

can you come to me now if you are free? i will text you private so no one else can know the location :smiley:

I dont play the game much honestly, i think you would be better off asking somebody that does, i completely suck at building xD

i just want to see you for an idea, i didnt ask to help me build anything :smiley:

[quote=“Zouls, post:10, topic:2221”]
I dont play the game much honestly, i think you would be better off asking somebody that does, i completely suck at building
[/quote] what?? the person with such strong opinions about everything Oort doesn’t play the game much and can’t build well?!?!? :hankey:

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Same for me so… xD

When i started my underwater project i created a small building just off the main build which was hollow. I set that as home location so i could swim out and build until i was out of breath then just teleport home and swim out again.
@Lungta21 and i also experimented with healing blocks underwater and found that they will heal you the same amount as the water damages you when you run out of air. This allows you to stay underwater forever without needing air. Try making a healblock floor 1st then do your build around it?


That is why i have so much time to discuss, also why i try as much as possible to stay out of building related suggestions, cause i wouldnt realy know what i was talking about xD

and is in general just waiting for some rpg elements in the game.


this is great! will you have time to aid me with my project?

Sure, but i have just come home to find my pc wont turn on :’(
It wont be till next week that someone can come look at it, and even longer till its fixed prob…
Its going to be a long week…