How will the world wipes work at 1.0?


Since the 1.0 version is going to hit this year, that means the inevitable world wipe will come.
Now I know everything will be erased / clean slate which is sad but understandable.
I have two questions
A) Will the same worlds be reimplemented (IE the current 12) along with new ones ?
B) If the worlds are the same, would they be actually be the same such that I could save
the coordinates for my best cave and travel back to that cave when I restart?


I wouldn’t worry about 1.0 at this point. I don’t think we’ll see it even in the first half of the year. Back when I bought this game in April 2016, they stated 1.0 would be released in the fall of 2016. Yet, here we are in 2017 and now they give a generic response of 2017(which is to cover all their bases).

Either way, the alpha 1.0 release is supposed to signify the game with all features, systems, etc. in game. This concerns me greatly. With the slow development pace of the game, even if 1.0 comes out in 2017 I don’t think it will be good for the game. Unless they have a bunch of stuff in the pipeline that the community is not aware of, the game is going to have major content issues.

The recent post asking the community for ideas on one more major and minor feature before 1.0, while great to get the community involved, implies that only one more major/minor system will be added to the game.

For a game that is being slated with the MMO title, it is not even close to ready in terms of content. There is no sustain. No reason to log in everyday. This of course is just my opinion, but all you can do is dig and build and one more system is not going to fix everything. So much more needs to be put into this game if it wants to be competitive with other titles.

I could go on and on, but this isn’t the post(I’ve already ranted enough here). Maybe I’ll create a post with my current review of the game now and what I think the future holds.


Spot on man.


My personal feeling on the subject is that new worlds would be created, giving all players an equal playing field (including prime real estate) from the start.

Not quite. It’s everything that can be reasonably fit into v1.0 of the game. Otherwise know as Minimum Viable Product. Game development doesn’t necessary stop at v1.0 either. Other systems and features are already being talked about / requested for after v1.0

Also not quite…

So there will be several more features being added in before v1.0. The question was intended, I believe, to try and gauge what the community at large thought was the most important feature to them, so the team could plan and prioritise the upcoming work sprints based around the community.


I feel with a good leveling & skills system combined with boss fights would be good for a 1.0 release, and then more content like vehicles, farming, etc could be added later. It’s already basically at the level of minecraft but looks much better, has slopes, and has grappling hooks. All that’s really needed to make it “MMO” is a decent leveling system and bosses.


I’d say it’s still a ways off from Minecraft. There is no farming, no breeding, no redstone type mechanic, no spawners, no temples/monuments/mineshafts/ect. to explore, very few creatures/animals. And the absence of leaf decay just bothers me to no end.

As I said previously, there is nothing to do except dig and build.


True the leaf decay is annoying, but they already have at least a half dozen creatures with multiple tiers and types that are added or close to being added. Farming and breeding would be nice to have, the crafting system is already better than minecrafts, they have stated multiple times that there will be some kind of dungeon accompanying titans before 1.0, and a redstone mechanic would be far too easy to crash the servers with. Even on a small minecraft server run on a decent computer, 1 person could make a redstone machine to lag/crash the server within a day after joining. The building is also better than minecraft with the smart placement and slopes, though the types of blocks is still lacking.


I didn’t mean to imply that Boundless should copy everything Minecraft has done. I was just stating that there is vastly more to do, content wise, in Minecraft.

I will say I do want leaf decay and farming/breeding has to be added. Especially a way to do trees. So annoying to have to travel to other planets for certain wood every time you run out.


I disagree with this the way you’re putting it actually. I think that part of the game, having to travel to different places to collect planet specific materials is a core foundation of boundless which can spur a market / individuality of builds. Why go to vulpto for ruby if I could get it on nasharil?
Just my opinion though.


That’s a false equivalent to what he is suggesting. I too would love to be able to bring varients of different trees back to my world. It would be neat if tree seedlings needed specific biome conditions to be met to thrive on other planets, too.