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Hellooo , it’s me after a year of not playing boundless.

I decided to see what things have changed in 1 year in boundless and I am not surprised to see the player base. Many many people wanted to help developers in their decisions so they move in the right direction. I myself spent lots of time in the forum suggesting and analyzing stuff to help them.

Then suddenly micro-transactions were added for silly stuff like skill sets and many functions were removed and most of the player interests were ignored.

I played 80 hours in 1 week last year.more than 10 hours a day. It was so much fun until the patches which turned the fun boundless game into a grinding and time killing program. I just wanted to tell that this game had so much potential.

180 avg player is not what you were aiming. This wonderful portal systems and planets and stuff… it’s great but it was ruined. Strong and powerful games always pay attention to the players.That is why their player base increases.

I hope boundless becomes great again. I hope people can have fun in it one day instead of having to work and grind 24/7 just to get 1 item. Good luck to you all .

Only speaking for myself but I have fun I’d say 95% of the time that i play. (The other 5% is me getting mad because I can’t remember where I left something :laughing: )
I love every minute, and I have a never ending list of things to do and new ideas (usually before I’ve finished the last ones!)
So I think you should give the game another go, the devs are great and do a great job at listening to what the majority wants and implementing it into the game

Also, what is the item that took 24/7 grind to get just one of?? Or is that an exaggeration? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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I absolutely do not live in a cage.


you low on food?


„I’m gonna eat you.“
„Gonna chew you like some gum“ - Bassa Sababa by Netta

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Great song :blush: she’s so talented