Hunt At 5pm GMT+1

Hey :wave:t3:

This Hunt Will Be Hosted From
“Jacey’s Shopping Mall” in Eresho
(Meteor Meet Is Getting A Refurb)

Location of hunt: Circarpous
Duration: Upto 2 hours
Protection: Lvl 1 Caustic Protection

Location to meeting area is as follows:

Go Through To The Planet Portals In Ultima And Head SW It’s the on the first row closest to the Angel :angel:

Eresho: -1534N -1124E


How Long will BE the hunt and which Planet?

Welcome back, glad to see you’re hunting again. Had lots of fun on Your hunts… even though I can rarely make them lol

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Hey sorry I should of posted more information. I’ll edit my original post,
It’s hunting on Circarpous
If the hunt goes smoothly like it used to, it can be upto 2 hours.

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Sounds great, I’ll be there - if anyone is new to hunting, just grab 1 point in Caustic Protection and come along for some free fun :fist_right::fist_left:


I might be a little late to the party, but will show my face if i track y’all down!

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Jacey makes his return to the hunting fields! :sunglasses:

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Hunt in one hour ?

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Yes, it’s in 36 minutes