Hunter DPS Solo Spec

Hey guys, just sharing a build that so far is amazing with huge survial and just a 2-4 shot kills on most Strong Mobs. Very solo friendly and at lvl 49 it seems I will have 2 more points to spend when I hit 50.
Please share your builds too, with the current system.

7 , 8 , 0 , 0 , 7 , 2 , 2, 8 , 5 , I might take agility down a notch just to spend elsewhere if I need to. Its really fast even at 7.

Slingbows, Graple

Epic 1

0 , 4 , 0 , 4 , 0, 0 1st two resist only

Epic 2
Durability, Defeat, Energy, Jump distance

Eploration - 0, Epic 3= Damage, Also Green is my new favorite Bow color. I also wanted the charged instead of auto fire. Durability is only 50% and I don’t like waste. IT also fits my movement style of hunting. Charging gives one a chance to move and dodge a little between attacks. It makes for a LOT more connects and none wasted durability shots. All my bullets hit.


I would remove the charging and use it for rapid fire (which does way more damage, but costs durability) or use it elsewhere like endurance recharge, cuz lesser durability costs fits beter to the solo experience (or do basic wpn crafting 2 and brewing 2 for example :wink:

but the else it’s quite nicely done!! :smile: