Hunter - Next Mob Confirmed?

Hey all, I was restocking my request baskets and before this most recent patch ther was a few blank spots between a couple baskets and another player and I were joking about them being the next mob coming this patch.

Well, jokes on us because now those slots say: In a trophy request baskets - Hunter Trophy; In a sac request basket - Warp sac; and in a creature eye request basket - Hunter eyes!

The most exciting thing about this aside from the hunter being a sketchy mob that will literally warp into caves near you randomly and stalk then attack you with vicious claw attacks, is the warp sac!

This may mean there is going to be a new warping item and oh man do i hope thats a thing <3

I can’t upload pictures from my ps4 but feel free to check this yourself

What are your theories behind this new mob? When do you think it will be released??



Shhh… you didnt see anything :zipper_mouth_face:


I saw an image i believe the devs posted about a future mob a while back. People were saying it would be a cave creature. If thats true maybe a future T7 creature that spawns at random with low dmg (hopefully since my miner has no combat skills) and can be killed with a hammer to drop rare resources. Would add a new dynamic to mining?

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Next patch: Miner looking to hire bodyguard. Paying 30% of yields and can keep mob drops. PST


I didn’t see what? Where am i??!


I have a feeling I may need to hold a few more skill points in reserve for combat skills on my miner. Hunters sound like serious business.

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i doubt it will be much of a threat. Especially with the hammers most of us use. Just turn to them smash there face in with a 3x3 hammer. Most mobs dont last 2 hits with these things. Especially ones with max dmg.

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looks formidable =D

Woohoo! Bring it on, I ain’t scared! Looking forward to new monsters…did you guys hear something?..maybe it’s just the wind…

Well the blink, dark matter and the other one, the ores have been in the files for a long time even in the req basket so maybe not :smiley: otherwise they maybe soon pop out the t7 and 8 planets

Right but this is the first time any other mob name has been seen ingame which may be why it could be the next confirmed, like how darknatter, blink, and rift are confirmed, but not released

This is frikin awesome. And @rossstephens reply is the best!

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new sound for it xD

Actually a pretty fitting noise @dulki

The Hunters are not the escaped results of one of our bio-engineering labs. Biitula Consortium is not under quarantine by Illuminoorti strike forces. I just want to clear that up before anyone says otherwise.

Also, maybe keep out of Biitula Consortium for a few weeks. Thanks.


I can see the price of innocuous brews increasing