Hunter's Respite - Shop - Selling Corruption Blocks 2c each


My shop in Black Light (Pheminorum) is now selling World Regeneration Bombs!

They are designed to be minimal, but help you with farming or just replacing those blocks around your build that people keep breaking!

Iron World Regeneration Bombs for 2,500c



Hello all!

I have updated the prices of my healing potions.

Tier 1 Healing Potion 825hp healed:
25c each

Tier 2 Healing Potion 1650hp healed:
50c each

Tier 3 Healing Potion 3300hp healed:
100c each

Tier 4 Healing Potion 6600hp healed:
150c each

Tier 5 Healing Potion 13000hp healed:
200c each

Hunters Respite is in the awesome City of Blacklight! The capital of Pheminorum. You can reach my store directly from the Gyosha Ophin PS portal hub, second ring west side:

While in Blacklight, feel free to check out the great other shops around the city!


Hello !

Currently buying candy canes in Hunters Respite (either color) for 35c each! Feel free to sell to the basket!




So any updates on prices?


Yes!! Thanks @Vansten!!

I increased the price to 150…and updated the title! Thank you


Just sold mine. Bought some shiny new Centraforge coils. Boom!


Made some healing bombs by mistake. Have a few stacks for sale 200c each! Have at them!


Sold out of healing bombs, but selling Corruption blocks for 2c each! (will be restocked regularly)