Hunting as a relaxing hobby next to fishing?


What do you think about a special way for hunting to make it a relaxing but satisfying hobby activity. For example there could be a special bow just for hunting wild animals. It could have only a short range (so sneak carefully to the pray) but let the animal drop special trophy mats which can be used to build decorative items like horns on a wall (over the open fire place :wink: ), pelts or leathers as carpets or blankets or even for special skins on items (rare cases for example). Any ideas how this can be made even more special as a hobby?

Ps: may be the devs also add buckets of red color or paint guns for those players who are on the side of Peta :stuck_out_tongue:


Given that general combat will exist I doubt they will make special hobby hunting gear, but some of the mobs will prefer to flee rather than strike back so there’s your game.

I like the idea of this alot. i think it would be cool that killing animals gives you mats but killiing it with specific hunting weapon would give some kind of decoration trophies as you mentioned, the official explanation could be that you destroyed the hide or horns by using swords or spells

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