Hunting on T3 planets?

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Portal Seekers has (like many of us!) brought a large planet into the universe. We are in the process of building it up.

I want to lead hunts a few nights a week (have for a while) and would love to do them on the PS planet. I know there is a limit on players, but I don’t expect the hunt to be huge.

With that said…

Is it worth it to hunt on T3? Would people even come?
None of the monsters would have elemental resists, it is a planet that doesn’t require resistance to visit.

Worried the level is too low to do hunts, and if so I will change up my plan.

All feedback handy!

  • Yes! T3 Hunt is fine
  • No! T3 Hunt is too low

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People will come. The good folks at Brown Town host regular hunts on Ceph Merika and have 50+ people attend. Go for it!


I love hunting on Ceph with Beth, it’s fast and easy and I get lots of oort. I say go for it!


I just created a planet T3. I find them indeed necessary for easy access for beginners, a place of conviviality for the organizers, and quite simply an easy outlet after a period of intensive construction.


I have a lot of fun on my planet dedicated to comfortable hunting. I’m starting to think of a system to make it user friendly. Park themed style. This is my first planetary creation, and I’m so happy with it that I would like it to be useful to everyone.

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