Hunting universe offline (for now)


While we iterate on the worlds we’re generating the hunting universe has been taken offline, Steam should move you back to the main non-beta version if you were still on the hunting beta but if not you may need to switch your beta back to “none”.
We do plan to bring the universe back reasonably soon with another new set of worlds for community feedback, so watch this space.


That Sounds Awesome :slight_smile: , do you Plan to leave the old new Planets with the new new Planets or are you changing the Universe completely?

And if you are changing it completely, could you leave the Footballfield/Lego World we started on in? A few Players built a rudimentary Portal Hub there to get Space Travel Going :wink:


rats lol. all my stuff was on a neighbouring planet (Orvax III) because i got stuck coming back to the starter planet

If you erase all the planets is there any way you could sell some warp augments and oort shards on the starting planet perhaps?
I’ve wasted ridiculous amounts of time just trying to get set up and not exploring planets (the whole purpose of this)

Nooo!!!!! 😱

My wife graduated at bachelor today and I was planning to explore this universe on the weekend. How ironic.

So, will wait to next access. Do you plan to use old “hunting” characters or copy “live” ones?

Also how soon you plan to bring it back?


i have question so these planets will you guys add them to the curent universe our leave it on other server? in the future


the ones that were in hunting… are deleted. (though I could be wrong on that.)
the ones that will be coming into hunting… may not actually make it into live either…
they are all just tests, for colour and generation


No problem with that -
I for sure wil like to test them :grinning:


been watching this space, but I hear there are new worlds on hunting already? is it hunting or testing? is there a different code? where is the code?


We are iterating on sets of worlds using the hunting universe but it’s not currently available to the community, when we’re ready to get feedback on more new worlds we’ll share a new code.


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