Hunts today

Is anyone hosting any hunts today, I would love to join.


I had to work today sadly or I would be running one tonight. Other than keeping an eye on the official discord in the looking for group I don’t know another good place to watch.

Discord is the place to be. Somebody started this thread, but I dont expect it will ever fully match or replace the Discord announcements.

!Hunt in 59 minutes
Delta Cancret
Led by ElSioui
1 volatile protection required
Meet us in Sasquatchville on Alder
In the Hunt Lobby

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It starts in 19 min!

Meet in sasquatchville as stated on post above :wink:

Today is going to be the EU evening hunt at 20:30 CET/CEST

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Bump :upside_down_face:

Any hunts in the next few hours?

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Sure , what kind of hunt you people want?
if speedhunt i need to prepare, never leaded one of these XD

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Today is going to be the EU evening hunt at 20:30 CET/CEST / 2pm EST


Ahh i wont be on by that time, enjoy though :slight_smile:

Where are you meeting/going? Can I join?

With Combustive, usually we meet at the Hunt hive.


Is there an exo hunt today?

I’d definitely love to host one, but I’ve never hosted any before.

Exo hunts are very appealing to me, as the current project at TNT might reveal. :joy:

I’m always down for a t7 exo hunt, if any leaders are doing those

Today is the Euro Evening Hunt at 20:30 CET/CEST (2:30 pm EST), meeting in the hunt hive.
Invitation will follow on Discord. Destination IDK yet.

I wouldn’t be doing a T7 hunt, but rather one on Abredall for those sweet Silk Magenta Sentinel’s Crest. øwø


Kinda same time, we should make it together, not split the hunter-base. Do you see the possibility to join us in the hunt hive ?

Yeah, I think it was @Lesioui that ran the t7 hunt I went on, it was a blast and actually went very smoothly.

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After falling asleep and waking up nearly 4 hours over my scheduled time, I’ve been informed said planet doesn’t have Sentinel’s Crest either.