Hunts today

No worries I only hunt on res brew and I have soloed a t7 umbris once with gem bows not fun o_o

Oh my /salutes that’s mighty impressive (and terrifying) :laughing:

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And takes a lot of time (about an hour as I remember) o_o

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I suggest axe and grapple combo sometime. No brews. O.O

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That sounds fun!

Okay ! I am going to invite on Discord for the T7 :+1:

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can someone please tell me where we meet? which planet, which hub… how can i get there…


Can someone please bring a solidifier that I can buy to the hunt? My forge is being extremely unkind and i cant seem to find a shop that has one in stock :laughing: any help would be appreciated

And its at the hunt hive @Marcello666 you can get there from TNT hub :slight_smile:

@Marcello666 Which portal network you use ? Are you online now ?

@Trickyy90, I have few, I will bring them, they are not easy to make.

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I checked twice that solidifier was actually a venerable boon… I just didn’t believe it haha. I honestly must have just used around 60 boon removal and it didn’t come up once :laughing:
And thank you!

ps hub lamblis
ultima eresho
fortunist gellis… thats where i can start…

Im in.
Where can i buy the right bows?

From PS Lamblis go to Circarpous -> Besevrona, there is portal to Iconic (to the West, a bit aside from the main portals) then turn back and yoiu will see large portal to the hunt Hive

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yeah, after ive seen on which planet, in which city, ive realized, ive made a portal a few days ago… right there…funny…
im new at hunting… just leave my house to reach my farmspots and the malls… havent explore all hubs n citys n worlds…

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@Koshim, The Umbris bows, I dont know - its high class goods, but you can be fine also with good forged Ruby, Emerald or Diamond Bows in my opinion. Right bow also depends on how you’re specced. I will bring some bows which may suffice and place them into the hunt shop.

I have an aoe solidifier prepared for t7 hunts. I ll bring it with.

Planning EU hunt today, the destination will be Xindus T6 EXO.
Same time, Same place, 20:30 CET/CEST (7:30pm for UK; 2:30pm EST), The Hunt Hive

Best bow and protection for Xindus

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Lets go for the T7 again !
Same time, Same place, 2019-11-13T19:30:00Z, The Hunt Hive

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A bit of relax today on T6 - lets go to Arbran
Same time, Same place, 2019-11-15T19:30:00Z, The Hunt Hive

Hunt Calendar

[EDIT] Correct bow / atmo protection