Hurricane Laura, limited power, no internet. What can I do about my beacons?

Hurricane Laura hit here and knocked out the electricity and the internet. Took out a few cell phone towers as well. What can I do because I was refueling my beacons. I have no internet access (on my cell phone), limited electricity (generator) and I don’t want to lose my stuff.
Any advice anyone can offer?


@james or @Leahlemoncakes might be able to help out with this.

You wont lose your stuff though… it will go in to reclaim for you. But hopefully the Dev team can assist with some temporary refueling to get you through so you don’t have to rebuild.


What’s your character name? What planet is it on?


We can fuel beacons if players are unable to be online.

As @DKPuncherello helpfully points out we need:

  1. World name
  2. Beacon name
  3. Character name

(Getting a description of “just go around the big tree, and through the portal on the left or maybe right, then climb the mountain” … isn’t so helpful.)


What if, as the OP has stated, was in the middle of refueling all beacons, and don’t remember the names of all of their beacons?

Sorry of topic

How many peeps aren’t guilty of this. I know i am :grin: now i feel bad for doing that :grin:.

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If 16 weeks fuel needed I’ll be happy in bringing you some just let me know where.

I don’t know about the Beacon Names. Character name is Allfather. One beacon is on a planet is so crowded that their have been issues with plotting. Beckon or Bitula maybe. I’m gonna see if I can somehow hook my cellphone up to a laptop and try to install boundless and run bare graphics enough to try to refuel them. I honestly am not sure about the planets though, don’t know the Beacon Names. There are only two beacons.

well that sure does sound like biitula :slight_smile:


While I was in the process of moving, I had to log in a couple of times with alternate means - I was able to load into the sanctum. Couldn’t go much of anywhere or move hardly. If you can at least get into the sanctum for a sec and view your beacons list…take a quick pic of the coordinates/locations if you can


I found a friend I could trust to log into my steam account and turn on gleam club


It had 2 days of fuel left on both beacons so I got really lucky


Glad you got it worked out… gleamclub is great for that peace of mind.


Awesome!, glad to read good news like this .Hope the best you take care :+1:

Take care hope everything is ok!

Are you the same guy who posted on Reddit? @Allfather

Yes, I made a comment about Laura on Reddit


Hopefully the few storms heading southeastern don’t amount to much and it’s just rain and wind

Stay safe! Glad you were able to get Gleamclub going and save everything, phew!